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Copy-Paste script

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Hello, i have a little problem
I need to make a quick copy/paste script
Let's say i want to press "zz" and this should mean COPY
and paste --->"xx"
How can i achieve that?
Thanks in advance,

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Post this in Ask for Help... Though you won't really need it. This has been answered many times before, so even if you post it in the Ask for Help, all your going to get is a lot of people saying to search the forums.

Try the search up near the top of the page, and try the keywords: Clipboard, or Copy and Paste.

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KeyWait, %A_ThisHotkey%
KeyWait, %A_ThisHotkey%, % "D T" DllCall("GetDoubleClickTime")/1000  Send % "{" A_ThisHotkey (!ErrorLevel ? " 2" : "") "}"

Not tested...