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Text and audio journal with tagging

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I have written an autohotkey script that allows me to take notes and ideas and tag them. The interface is similar to that shown http://www.autohotke...ghlight=journal
I have a much more complicated version that allows you to type the content or copy it directly from a website.
This is a really useful lifehack, because it allows me to organize my thoughts into separate textfiles. For instance, I have a file for todo, a file for logging my exercise, a file for quotes, a file for vocabulary and more.

I then wanted to create an audiojournal so i could store my longer thoughts that would be tedious to type. For example, a dream journal. So I created another autohotkey script that would accept tags and then open up audacity and record whatever I had to say. The script exports it as an mp3 and appends the mp3 to a playlist. In this way, I can listen to all my audio notes on a particular subject, like review from my biochemistry class.

I then created another tag journal, but this one saved images on my screen using irfanview. I can now save pictures instantly from my screen and give them a tag. So now I have a folder called "g" of pictures of beautiful women, and a folder "f" of funny pictures.

The journal script is combined with a search script. The search script opens an input box which obviates the need to navigate manually to the search bar of a browser.

The program called Caps.ahk is the main program. Below is a diagram of the hotkeys. The keys are not held down, they are pressed sequentially. Some of the keys have further input needed, like q and s, which need to know which search engine to use.
Screenshot.ahk is a standalone script that you need to add a hotkey for yourself.

I'm sure these scripts look pretty sloppy and you might have to change alot if you want them to work for you. I just want to communicate the general idea of tagging journals, especially the audiojournal. I may have not included all the scripts that are imported.

capslock : waits for next key
a: add text to file (ajournal.ahk)
b: loads previously accessed textfile
c: ^c, then adds %clipboard% to file (ajournal.ahk)
d: dictionary search (or q d)
e: opens textfile
g: google search (same as q g)
j: audiojournal program (journal.ahk)
m: I use this to open up a gui showing my todo lists
q: waits for key
a: amazon search
r: dict.cc search
s: spanish dictionary search
etc...s: ^c, waits for key then searches %clipboard% in search engine
g: google search
etc...v: opens textfile in ahk gui window (for viewing only)
w: wikipedia search (same as q w)[/list]

journal.ahk (audio journal)

appskey: pause
#z: export file to mp3
#x: append file to playlists and close audacity

ajournal.ahk (text file journal)
In the tag field, you can enter as many tags as you like.
The content will be appended to each tag file, and to a master file.
capslock: Presses Enter button on gui, which appends data
Enter: goes to newline
appskey: exit


I adapted this from silveredge78 but added tagging.


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Seems like a neat idea, I especiallylike the audio diary using Audacity which is free. May take me a while to figure out how to use it and how it all fits together. i wonder if you had thought of using zizorz, which is an ahk script. Its just that it allows you to drag out an area to capture, not sure if your capture script allows that.
by the way in your list of scripts to download I dont see a-journal ?

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I added the ajournal. If I had to redo this thread, I would probably just include the two scripts for the audio journal (journal and AUD), which is the only unique aspect of my project. The rest of my scripts were only intended for my personal use and were hastily constructed, but they might be of use.
The screenshot script I have included should be the one that allows you to select an area of the screen to save with tagging. Irfanview allows several options, which is why CapMethod = 4. I will look further into zizorz, but my script does all I need it for.
My hope is that someone in the future will make a much improved version of that I have. That is to say, something like Microsoft OneNote maybe, that can integrate tagged audio, text, pdf, and images and organize them. Perhaps also drawing upon ideas from mind-mapping software. Unfortunately I have tried OneNote and it is not very good at tagging and organization.

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Just loved ajournal.ahk

Thank you!