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Lip piercing: Stud or Ring?

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My wife has been wanting to get a lip piercing. I told her I think it'd be sexy as long as it's a ring and not a stud. Well, she's going Monday, it's Saturday. She just now started to make excuses, saying that they have to use a stud first before it heals for her to use a ring. I never heard of that. Now she's telling me if she can't find a cute ring, she'll get a cute stud.... Well basically, she's not getting a ring at all. O.o Ahh well... Whatever, it's her lip.

Was just curious at your point of view on this topic. The way I see it is, there are two types of studs. The shapes and symbols and the single dot diamond or ball studs. The single dot diamond and balls studs just look like moles... And the shapes and symbols are the same as getting a tattoo on your face. I mean, what's the difference in getting a little star on your lip and tattooing a star on your lip?

What're your opinions?

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I have seen some piercings that looked nice, and a lot that... Well... Looked less nice. :?

In the case of a lip I agree that a ring is likely to look better but it will also get in the way more.

Has she looked into the health issues involved? A lip piercing can indirectly cause receding gums, and over time, tooth decay and loss. :(

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Definitely Ring