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Quick-start Tutorial: A short introduction to help you start scripting your own macros and hotkeys right away.

Hotkeys: Details about creating keyboard, mouse, and joystick hotkeys. In addition, the Keyboard, Mouse & Joystick Reference lists the keyboard keys, mouse buttons, and joystick buttons that can be defined as hotkeys. Finally, the remapping page describes how to transform keys and buttons into other keys and buttons.

Hotstrings: Describes how to set up abbreviations that expand as you type them (auto-replace), or that trigger actions.

GUI: Describes how to create and manage your own windows, controls, and menu bars. Such windows can be used as data entry forms or custom user interfaces.

FAQ (frequently asked questions): Explains common issues and points of confusion.

AutoHotkey_L Documentation: This is the documentation specific to the AutoHotkey_L version.

Scripts: Explains how scripts are structured, commented, passed parameters, and converted to EXEs.

Variables and Expressions: Explains how to: 1) create and use variables; 2) use expressions for math and string operations; and 3) use built-in variables. See Functions for how to define functions, pass parameters to them, and receive return values from them.

Command Reference: An alphabetical list of all commands and major functions. Each one is briefly described and linked to its detailed page in the documentation.

Script Showcase (samples): Download some useful scripts, or just study them to learn by example.

Notes for AutoIt v2 Users: Explains compatibility with AutoIt v2 and the enhanced syntax and commands.

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