Command List

Disables or enables all or selected hotkeys and hotstrings.

Suspend [, Mode]



On: Suspends all hotkeys and hotstrings except those explained the Remarks section.

Off: Re-enables the hotkeys and hotstrings that were disable above.

Toggle (default): Changes to the opposite of its previous state (On or Off).

Permit: Does nothing except mark the current subroutine as being exempt from suspension.


Any hotkey/hotstring subroutine whose very first line is Suspend (except "Suspend On") will be exempt from suspension. In other words, the hotkey will remain enabled even while suspension is ON. This allows suspension to be turned off via such a hotkey.

To disable selected hotkeys or hotstrings automatically based on the type of window that is present, use #IfWinActive/Exist.

Suspending a script's hotkeys does not stop the script's already-running threads (if any); use Pause to do that.

When a script's hotkeys are suspended, its tray icon changes to the letter S. This can be avoided by freezing the icon, which is done by specifying 1 for the last parameter of the Menu command. For example:

Menu, Tray, Icon, C:\My Icon.ico, , 1

The built-in variable A_IsSuspended contains 1 if the script is suspended and 0 otherwise.


#IfWinActive/Exist, Pause, Menu, ExitApp


^!s::Suspend  ; Assign the toggle-suspend function to a hotkey.

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