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Instructions in the tutorial don't work

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I'm a newbie to AutoHotKey, but not a newbie to computers.


The tutorial says, (after creating a script), to:

1. Save and close the file

2. Double Click the file to launch it. A new icon appears in the taskbar notification area.


The problem is:


I can save the file. There is not "Close" option on the file menu of Notepad, so I just click on the X in the top right corner - I assume this is correct ?


Of course, after I have closed it, the file has disappeared, so I open Windows Explorer, navigate to the subdirectory where I saved it, and then double-click on the file's name as listed in Windows Explorer.  The new "H" icon flashes momentarily at the left edge of the taskbar notication area, but it is simultaneously accompanied by a "beep" indicating an error has occurred. The "H" icon does not remain in the taskbar notification area and the hotkey I tried to create doesn't do anything.  It was a very simple hotkey to enter a short phrase in a Word document in response to the hotkey combination CTRL-ALT-f


I am running Windows XP.


Any suggestion ?  Thanks.


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try posting your script... no matter how short or simple it may be. It is the only way that we can realy know if its the script or something else...

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BlackHolyMan - Thanks - I discovered my error. It was in the script.