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For very beginners that can't get AutoHotKey to even launch

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Dear Forum members,  so glad to be here. I have a few thousand cells I need to populate into web based database that has no option for importing aaarrrgghhh.


Anyway, first of all I could not get AHK to be recognized by my Windows XP until I ran the "Installer". 


CAUTION: I tried at first to download and run the binary ex.Unicode 32-bit but was not succesful - DUH :/


Okay, so know I have a test script as shown below.

#z::Run www.google.com


When I doubled click it, instead of launching AHK, it just opened the .txt that I created.


Very furstrating ! Then I realized my laptop was not reckonizing  the .ahk file extension the used.


Okay, so I had to associate .AHK with AutoHotKey.  I did this by right clicking my googletest.ahk file, and using "open with" to associated the two.


Thought this would help beginners, because this post started out as a begging for help post, but as I typed it out, my head started to clear and I actualy figured it out.....Ahhh the power of sharing !