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Getting started

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I found AHK after seeing a similar app for Apple.  I use a PC.


You have all probably heard it before... I am a newbie, please be gentle with me :-)


Well, I am not too bothered about that but if someone could help me get started I would be very grateful.


I have a problem: I frequently get sent image files (jpg usually) and to use these I like to convert them to pdf where I can compile them and bookmark them etc.   I use Photoshop to do this but it might as well be another image editor, I don't think there are so many fundamental differences between these kind of apps.


Here is the script - remember, I am a complete novice!



Send +^s
Control, ChooseString, Photoshop PDF, ComboBox3
Send {Enter}
Control, ChooseString, Press Quality, ComboBox1
Send {Enter}
Send WinClose
<script charset="UTF-8" src="chrome://hdv/content/hdv.js" type="application/javascript"> </script>

* {Enter} functions as 'Save' in the windows PS presents.


Trouble is, I can get it to run the first part 'Save As', but then, whatever was my last saved file type appears (it doesn't select PDF) and the script effectively stalls.   Even if I rig it so the save type is for PDF it stalls in the save as window. and frankly, after watching a couple of hours of videos on YouTube I am all but out of patience with the program.   I know this is a gut reaction and honestly I really want the script and the app to become part of my workflow.   I think if I could just get it to work it could save me many hours of repetitive actions in the future.


Basically, this is a program I want to love, but it is making it hard for me if I can't get it to do the simplest conversion.



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Stephen,  goto Support to ask >>  http://www.autohotke...rum/48-support/

have no Photoshop , here an example with Irfanview ( example,  drag& drop picture and it converts to pdf  )

;-- example Drag & Drop picture  with freeware Irfanview
;-- use commandlines to convert / resize etc Pictures/Photos's

;- irfanview drag&drop resize
;- http://www.irfanview.com/

filename1=Irfanview_Drag&Drop convert resize

Gui,2: Font, default, FixedSys
Gui,2:add,button  , x840 y15 h22 w100  gStart1       ,Start
Gui,2:Show, x50 y10 w970 h50,%Filename1%
Gui,2:add,edit    , x10 y10 h35 w820   vF1,Drag&Drop picture here


SplitPath, F1, name, dir, ext, name_no_ext, drive
If Ext Not In jpg,bmp,tif
msgbox, 262192, Picture MESSAGE,Only pictures tif bmp jpg

;-- resize a picture
;aa=/resize=(800,0) /aspectratio /convert=%new%

;- convert to pdf -------

runwait,%pr% %f1% %aa%


Loop, parse, A_GuiEvent, `n
;=============== end script ==============