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Using wildcards to find innertext

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Hi All,


I am a relative noobie.  Here is the problem I am facing.  On an internal website of my company there is a REQ number i want to obtain.  This normally requires me to click a link then manually highlight and copy it.


I want to rip it directly from the innertext without having to launch that annoying slow pop up.


I have had success with commands such as..


rwb := WBGet("BMC")

REQ := rwb.document.all[2021].innertext

MsgBox % REQ


However the problem lies in the fact that the [2021] index location changes each time the frame loads.  Does anyone know any alternate solutions to this problem?


One potential solution I thought of was to loop through the index locations and look for the string REQ.  The problem here is I dont know how to use wildcards to include the random numbers that come afterwards.  I also am not sure how to set up a proper loop,  A full REQ number looks like REQ92390329 so I need a wildcard command along the lines of REQ*********.


So basically what I want to do is loop through the innertexts until I find the "REQ#########" number and copy that to a variable called REQ.

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Use a loop to get the value in each location, but instead of a wild card, use "IfInString, var, REQ" to find it.