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XpackerX - Application Packer [GUI]

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XpackerX is a simple program for creating standalone executables that contain a collection of Windows files. When the created executable is run, it unpacks
itself and runs a user-definable command. It runs on all flavours of Windows.

Key features include:

• User definable command to be run on executing
• User definable icon
• Executable silently extracts into unique temporary folder and cleans up everything on exiting - with no user intervention.
• Project settings for creating each application saved as an XML file
• Can be used to create "One-click" deployment of script based systems (e.g. a script interpreter and a collection of libraries and scripts)
• Can create executables that only contain scripts and use an existing interpreter (python, perl, rebol etc) on the host machine.
• Can be used to protect source code from easy examination.
• Can pass command-line parameters to the script that is run.
• Small overhead - can result in smaller files due to compression