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Radial for confused 3D Artist

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Hi all, I was looking around for a radial menu to use on my pc tablet when someone showed me this radial menu.


i'm pretty much looking for a radial menu that acts exactly like Wacom's tablet (hoping a few of you guys used tablets will understand)

I tried out the radial menu v4 and liked it, but yet confused on how to change the icons to do what I want, so i'm turning to you guys for help. Here are a few questions i have that i hope can be answered (keep in mind I don't know nothing about coding). As mention on top i'm a 3d artist (Animator) and pretty much a visual guy so if you talk code i'll be lost.


How can I have the radial menu itself (the circle) to be always on top instead of popping up?


Is there a way to activate radial menu by lets say pressing "ALT1" and to not use holding right mouse and drag down? ( that holding and drag will be conflicting with my 3d software maya. 


anyways to disable the hold drag command?


Would like to change the transparency of the radial menu is there a easy way? would have been nice to have a slider or an option for that.


Thanks for your help