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Scheduling Script

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       I will keep this as short and simple as possible. My reason for posting is I came up with an idea and wanted to see if anyone out there thinks that my idea is actually plausible using scripting and maybe some form of excel. I'm not asking for someone to do the work just some helpful advice. 

     My idea comes from my work schedule, it is a schedule that is posted on a webpage which I have to log in and then navigate the webpage to access. My thought is I could have a script run daily that would open my schedule copy the contents and then in some weird convoluted way detect any changes and push a email or text notification that hey this day has changed to..... As of right now its something I have to to check every single day because my schedule changes so much. 

     If this sounds like something that could be done please just let me know or if you know of any sort of open source programs that may already do this. I am a "noob" to scripting so I will need the dumbed down version please!

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This Can be done for sure

but to get a good and reliable script the learning curve will be a little high

As a start have a look here

Things like UrlDownloadToFile may also be of use

Hope that helps a little

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   Yes thanks, I will take some time and read these things tonight at work in my downtime and see what I can learn. I am ecstatic to hear your confidence in this is very high!

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Running a web page is as simple as opening your default browser and sending it the appropriate
site address. For example to open the AutoHotkey site i do this.
^!b:: ;<-- browser reload
keywait, b
  Browser = Chrome.exe
  site = http://www.autohotkey.com/board/
  Run, %Browser% %site%
Navigating through the web page will require that you know exactly what keystrokes
to send and to what controls. That will require you to analyze precisely what keys you press and
in what order and where on the webform that you need to access. Yes it can be done but you should
actually should sit down and run through the process and write down the steps in the order that you
do them. Once you have that the script you want to build becomes possible.

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