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Send Unicode Letters?

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Hi all!


Brand-new to this software, and obviously very green.


I am an engineer and often use greek letters in my work. I have added stickers to my keyboard to extend my keyboard functionality into the greek language.


As of yet, I have created Send commands for each given letter for greek each character, which can only be recognized and changed by autocorrect in Microsoft Office.


For example:


; Alt+a = α

!a::Send \alpha


; Alt+Shift+d = Δ

!+d::Send \Delta


Now instead of sending to-be auto corrected strings, I would like to send Unicode greek letters, so that I may type these characters outside of office if need be.


Thank you all!

Jackie Sztuk _Blackholyman
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Simply download the Unicode version of ahk 1.1+ from the autohotkey Foundation's website at http://ahkscript.org/download/

Unicode letters are supported by default with that version...

[AHK] Version. 1.1+ [CLOUD] DropBox ; Copy [WEBSITE] Blog ; About

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I added a tutorial for beginner (like me) in stackoverflow




my answer: look for "how to send unicode characters using the last autohotkey version? (no need of previous unicode-compatible version to work)"

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If you are on the non-unicode letters, you can always do this format a::Send {U+03B1}. I have this script for greek letters, both lowercase and uppercase. When you turn on CapsLock with this code, ψου αρε εναβλινγ τψπινγ ιν γρεεκ λεττερσ.

#If GetKeyState("CapsLock","T")
a::Send {U+03B1} ; alpha
b::Send {U+03B2} ; beta
g::Send {U+03B3} ; gamma
c::Send {U+03B3} ; gamma
d::Send {U+03B4} ; delta
e::Send {U+03B5} ; epislon
z::Send {U+03B6} ; zeta
h::Send {U+03B7} ; eta
j::Send {U+03B8} ; theta
i::Send {U+03B9} ; iota
k::Send {U+03BA} ; kappa
l::Send {U+03BB} ; lambda
m::Send {U+03BC} ; mu
n::Send {U+03BD} ; nu
q::Send {U+03BE} ; xi
o::Send {U+03BF} ; omicron
p::Send {U+03C0} ; pi
r::Send {U+03C1} ; rho
s::Send {U+03C3} ; sigma
!s::Send {U+03C2} ; final sigma
t::Send {U+03C4} ; tau
u::Send {U+03C5} ; upsilon
f::Send {U+03C6} ; phi
x::Send {U+03C7} ; chi
y::Send {U+03C8} ; psi
w::Send {U+03C9} ; omega

+a::Send {U+0391} ; Alpha
+b::Send {U+0392} ; Beta
+g::Send {U+0393} ; Gamma
+c::Send {U+0393} ; Gamma
+d::Send {U+0394} ; Delta
+e::Send {U+0395} ; Epislon
+z::Send {U+0396} ; Zeta
+h::Send {U+0397} ; Eta
+j::Send {U+0398} ; Theta
+i::Send {U+0399} ; Iota
+k::Send {U+039A} ; Kappa
+l::Send {U+039B} ; Lambda
+m::Send {U+039C} ; Mu
+n::Send {U+039D} ; Nu
+q::Send {U+039E} ; Xi
+o::Send {U+039F} ; Omicron
+p::Send {U+03A0} ; Pi
+r::Send {U+03A1} ; Rho
+s::Send {U+03A3} ; Sigma
+t::Send {U+03A4} ; Tau
+u::Send {U+03A5} ; Upsilon
+f::Send {U+03A6} ; Phi
+x::Send {U+03A7} ; Chi
+y::Send {U+03A8} ; Psi
+w::Send {U+03A9} ; Omega

Edit this as you see fit to match it with the keys you want. (I was torn between putting γ on c or g. I ended up putting it on c while using g::Send {ASC 0176} for the degree symbol (°) in my code, but I put it on both c and g in the above code.)