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New to AHK, wondering it's capabilities.

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Hello all, as the title says I'm new to AHK and scripting altogether. A coworker of mine got me into it and we've been making our own little scripts to make our jobs a little easier & increase productivity.


Short explanation of what we do - sometimes we work in a mainframe and use a few different windows. If we find an error in one window, we use the highlighter tool and send it to the appropriate place. My problem is that I always forget when I've highlighted something and end up sending it to the wrong place instead of where the errors go.


I've set up a hotkey to send the contracts to where they normally go, but I was wondering if there's a way to use that hotkey still and have it detect whether or not I've highlighted an error so it can send it to the proper place, whether or not I've forgotten that I highlighted it.


Sorry if that's a little confusing to read, my mind is all over the place.

Basically what I want is one hotkey that will send things where they're supposed to go based on a context clue.

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If there is some visible marker that can distinguish highlighted text from unhighlighted text then yes there is a way to determine if text is

highlighted or not. There is a PixelGetColor command that can check a pixel's color on the screen also a PixelSearch command that

has the ability to scan for a specific color within a range over the entire area of the screen. Look them up in your help file. Once you

know the color you're looking for the rest is easy.

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