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Coding Competition - Code4goal - 28/01/2015

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Good Hi the autohotkey team,

I wanted to share an information with your community regarding a coding competition starting fron Wednesday 28th of January. It is a competition sponsored by Microsoft created by the Crowdsourcehire team.

We (crowdsourcehire) helps businesses to hire developers and programmers. Thus It would be an opportunity for some of you to express their creativity and their coding style, win prizes and be noticed professionally speaking.

We created clear terms and conditions, candidates will retain their IPs (In response to a concern of severals candidates). Please have a look at our coding contest on our website for more information ( crowdsourcehire.com ).

Some moderators thought we were a spam, which is not the case. Hope I have been clear enough. Otherwise please do not hesitate to ask me more info.

The crowdsourcehire team