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Need to make the mouse work as the axis or rudder

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Hi there

Left 4 dead can be played in split screen but sadly the game doesn't support more than one mouse and on keyboard and the other player must be a controller but working with acontroller is hard for aiming so i tired asking the fourums if the game can be played with 2 mice and 2 keyboards and the answer was negative so,


I've been using AHK for a while now but I've never tried using it to make another keyboard and a mouse work separatly from the main ones  so I got 2 xbox controllers and 2 keyboards and 2 mice and started searching around but never found what i want all I found is how to make the mouse work as joy buttons or keyboard buttons while what I'm really looking for is:


I need to make the mouse movement(axis) work as the rudder stick or the X and Y axis on a xbox 360 controller?


need any help please.