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need Keypad outputs help

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I have a techno cnc router that I was looking into making a remote pendant for.
The numeric keypad on a standard keyboard will position the machines x & y axis according to the arrow keys on the keypad.and the + & - keys on the keypad will position the z axis.
My idea was to emulate this with an arduino board so that I could build my own keypad or controller and mount it at the front of the machine.
Using autoscript writer , I mapped out the keys of the numeric pad and programmed my arduino accordingly.
Here's where the trouble begins.
on a regular keypad the arrow keys (with numlock on) posts : up,down,left,right,home,end,pageup.pagedown,  in autoscriptwriter and so does my arduino buttons after my program is loaded,
but the arduino won't make the machine move
I've noticed that the keypad has the same function over the machine regardless of numlock on or off.
I've even tried this with a cheap usb add on keypad and it still controls the machine the same as the keyboard keypad.

The question is , what is the number keypad doing that my arduino program isn't?

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I would ditch the scriptwriter asap - What happens if you use both keys (you can map multiple keys to the same action)
MsgBox 4 / Left arrow key 

MsgBox 6 / Right arrow key 
See http://ahkscript.org/docs/KeyList.htm and here is good http://ahkscript.org...Tutorial.htm ( posting in ask for help would be better in future )