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Forum Bug Report

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I can't put in replies (doesn't seem to be all of them, but for sure noticed in a recent post) multiple multi-line code blocks. Everything after the first code block just gets cut off. I'm manually typing in the BBCode square brackets and code and /code tags while in the rich text editor.


And then this and everything below just disappears

Unless I come back and edit it

Edit: Of course, it didn't bug out on this post. But replies it has. Here's a post I had trouble in: http://www.autohotke...remote-control/

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Think this issue has happende before


Lets hope the ongoing change in the mangement helps fix some of all this soon :)

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a good example of why we want to go back to phpbb3

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I thing I found a cause. I just had two posts where I tried to embed code in quotes. That seems to trigger the issue and all text after the closing quote tag is ignored. I used a simple [   quote   ] and   [   code   ] on the same line, with the code on the next line, and on the last line the line had the two closing tags (  [   /code    ] and [   /quote   ]).