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Prevent Shared Files from Being Deleted

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Xia Mey
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Dear All


I have a couple of excel files to share my co-workers. I share them in modify so they can make change, save and also can delete but I dont want them to delete my files and Microsoft seems usless for it. May I know if AHK can prevent my files from being deleted?


Appreciate for your help

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Yes, but you need to keep the script running. For example,

file_to_lock := A_ScriptFullPath
locked_file := FileOpen(file_to_lock, "r-d")
MsgBox Click OK to exit and unlock the file.
; locked_file.Close() ; Optional when exiting.

Replace A_ScriptFullPath with "the path of your file".  This example locks the script itself.


To lock multiple files, you would need to call FileOpen once for each file and store the return value in a different variable (or an array) each time.


If you want it to just sit silently until you exit it from the system tray, remove MsgBox and ExitApp and add #Persistent.