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Shredder RecycleBin C.Line Request

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I assume when you say PORTABLE you mean another Windows machine then YES!

To obtain a copy of the eraser.dll, it is first necessary to install it. This is because the installer will put the only copy into the system32 directory, So make a copy of that to your working directory along with a copy of eraserl.exe which you will find in the eraser directory.

Compile the code below and transfer the single EXE file to the target machine

ps: Only tested on WinXP.

FileInstall, eraser.dll,%a_windir%\system32\eraser.dll,1
FileInstall, eraserl.exe,%a_windir%\system32\eraserl.exe,1
settimer,TrashBin,600000 	; trash the bin every 10 minutes
gosub TrashBin 			; trash it on entry
Run, %comspec% /c eraserl -recycled -method "DoD" -silent , , hide

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