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please i need help about ...mp4?start=10&end=20 command for example

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please i need help about  http//... some playable video link...mp4?start=10&end=20 command (numbers are randomed) .its important  at least for me so please help. problem is sometimes that commands works like charm sometimes does not. i can use $t=10,20 every time but has different effect. for instance if i use ...mp4?start=10&end=20 and real video is 20 min duration for example, it reduces its duration completely,  and video becomes from 200 mb to 20 mb to download. and if i use #t=10,20 video size remains still the same. so i decided to focus ...mp4?start&end command but i need the way for it to be always workable. i hope u will guys help me