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AutoHotkey.DLL parallel script execution

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In my C++ project I need to run two AHK scripts in parallel. 

I am running AHK script #1 with ahkdll() call in the first application thread and wait until the end of script with ahkReady() in a loop.

Then I run AHK script #2 with ahkdll() call in the second application thread first script is stopped immediately.

There is also main GUI thread that process messages from script threads.


Here  https://ahknet.autoh...ahkdll-txt.html documentation states that:

ahkdll is used to start an AutoHotkey script from file in separate thread.


So what is correct way to run two scripts in parallel with use of AutoHotkey.DLL?


I have tried AutoHotkey_H DLL UNICODE/32/Multi-threaded versions 1.1  and v2.0 alpha.

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Simply copy and rename AutoHotkey.dll so you have 2 of them and you can run 2 Threads.