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Changing Date ijn a mmddyyyy format

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jake smith
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Looking to change the current date in a script but can do it for one day but is there a way to just change the month back 6 months from the current month. Everything I try the dating get a little crazy. 


Here is what I have and must be missing something for sure. 


;Curent Date minus 6 months  
CurrentDate := A_Now 
CurrentDate =+ -180, D
FormatTime, TimeString, %CurrentDate%, mddyyyy
Send, %TimeString%


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MODERATOR  can you put this in the HELP forum ?




Just a quick try:

CurrentDate := A_Now 
CurrentDate += -180, D
FormatTime, TimeString, %CurrentDate%, M-dd-yyyy

msgbox date 180 days ago = %TimeString%

winXP  and ahk unicode