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Autorun.inf "open=" fix for removable drives Win 7/8/10

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Mr Beatnix
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Have this script always running on your pc

when a drive is inserted with an autorun.inf file, it checks it for the "open=" function and runs it.

 Plans in the future to incorporate all 'Autorun.inf' functions. 

ASCII = 65
Transform, drive, Chr, %ASCII%
sleep, 50
IfExist, %drive%:\Autorun.inf
if %drive%opened = no
FileRead, Haystack, C:\autorun.inf
Line := "Not found!"
If (P := InStr(Haystack, "open"))
RegExReplace(SubStr(Haystack, 1, P), "\n", "", Line), Line++
FileReadLine fileline, %drive%:\Autorun.inf, %Line%
file := SubStr(fileline, 6)
SetWorkingDir %drive%:/
Run, %file%
%drive%opened = yes
%drive%opened = no
if ASCII = 91
ASCII = 65

NB: if CD/DVDs are inserted autorun.inf feature will auto run twice

to by pass a certain drive, for eg D:/ insert  this after ASCII++ (don't replace 94/65)

if ASCII = 68
ASCII = 69

for ascii codes go to http://ascii.cl/


Thanks :)

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Very cool! I can't wait to try it out
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