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need script to perform action after specific key press

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Let me start off by saying that i am not even kind of good at this but have been slowly learning different things on my own. currently i have a program that i am running and i need a script that after i press and release the enter button there is a 5 second delay and then left click a specific coordinate. i have been trying to research this in the help section and reading over lots of material but i cant seem to figure this out. please help

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Hi dirty dingus this is a wrong section
The correct is subforum Ask Questions
And so you will answer before


We used this?

#singleinstance force
settitlematchmode,2        ; A window's title can contain WinTitle anywhere inside it to be a match.

CoordMode, Screen
xPos := 300
yPos := 500

#If WinActive("test")    ; Only window contain in WinTitle "test"
KeyWait, Enter           ; Wait until key Enter released.
Sleep , 5000             ; Wait 5 seconds
Click %xPos% , %yPos%    ; Left click to xPos and Ypos coordinates