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ReadReag then run the program

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I am working on a AHK that resides in the system tray.  It detects an event, a USB device plugged in, and then runs a program.

The program I want to run is listed in the Registry.  I can read the Registry key and display the contents of the key in a message box.

The next line is a Run line, Run %vProg%.


A piece of my script;


RegRead, vProg, HKCU\Software\ProgramKey, ProgramDir

MsgBox, Program found in Registry Key: %vProg%

Run, %vProg%


As indicated, I get the message box and it displays the location of the program location, which includes the exe.

The program is an x64 bit program and does reside in c:\Program Files.

It seems like it should be easy.

Any help would be appreciated.