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3ds Max Auto Hot Box

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There is a good way how AHK may interact with 3ds max - it is Max Script Listener field in main 3ds Max window:


Here you can write any commands, and by pressing enter execute them...


Also Max Script Listener captures many of the actions performed by the user, and generates the MAXScript commands that correspond to those actions.
You can use these generated MAXScript commands for your own buttons or scripts.
For more information, refer to 3ds Max Help - Macro Recorder.


So, here AHK script based on this function - 3ds Max Auto Hot Box:



Main features:

  • Press XButton1 anywhere in the 3ds Max main window to bring up the 3ds Max Auto Hot Box dialogue.

Move mouse cursor to desired button and release XButton1 for execute action.
If you don't want to do anything at this moment just release XButton1 or press Escape.
If you want other button to be used for activation 3ds Max Auto Hot Box, change it in AutoHotBox.ahk file below the line: AutoHotBox Activation Button.

  • Drop down lists for objects,modifiers and scripts.

When you move the mouse over any ListBox element, it automatically expands.
You do not need to click on an item, just release XButton1 when the cursor is on the desired item.
Some item have custom initial settings. For instance: If you choose to add Edit Poly modifier, this add a Edit Poly modifier with custom initial settings (Ignore Backfacing = on, By Angle = 5).    

  • Buttons for quick access to basic modeling functions.

Some buttons have alternative function when shift+click. For instance: If you click on the Extrude button while holding Shift, a dialog with additional Extrude options appears.
Some button requires additional max scripts because they detect current sub-object level. For instance: If you in edit polygon mode with several polygons selected, clik on Chamfer button - polygon selection automaticly convert to edge selection and chamfer tool will be activated.

  • Separate tabs with different sets of buttons (not present in this version).
  • Internal Hot Keys.

XButton1+A for Show/Hide Render Setup.
XButton1+D for Show/Hide Material Editor.


Download AutoHotBox.zip from this link: https://www.dropbox....ot Box.zip?dl=0
Extract additional macro scripts from usermacros folder to your 3ds max usermacros folder.
Extract AutoHotBox.ahk file to a place you like.
Run AutoHotBox.ahk and 3ds Max.
Press XButton1 anywhere in the 3ds Max main window to bring up the 3ds Max Auto Hot Box dialogue.


You can freely modify/add items and buttons.

Script tested on 3ds Max 2014.