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good antialiased osd text ?

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hi there,


i've been trying for some time to get smooth antialiased osd text (transparent background) in autohotkey,

this is not possible, right ?



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There is like a GUI font option of "q4" or "q5" I believe that is anti-aliased text. You can try that out.




Though, thinking about it, I used to use q3 for my transparent GUIs because the transparent trick wouldn't work. I have a midterm to study for, but after I take it tomorrow I can get back to you.


In the meantime, what is the code you are running?

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The standard commands for transparency only support complete transparency for a specific colour, and one transparency level for everything else.

The only way to do what you want is to use a layered window. tic's GDI+ library includes functions for this. I wasn't able to find any good examples, but I'm sure I've seen some.

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Here I think is an okay example topic Beginner question about text with GDI+


Here is a slight rewrite of the top example from that topic

#Include, Gdip.ahk
pToken := Gdip_Startup()
Width = 400
Height = 300
Options = x10p y30p w80p Centre cbb00FF00 r4 s50 Underline Italic
Text = Thank you for trying this example
Font = Arial

DetectHiddenWindows, On
Gui, 1:  -Caption +E0x80000 +LastFound +OwnDialogs +Owner +AlwaysOnTop
hwnd1 := WinExist()
hbm := CreateDIBSection(Width, Height)
hdc := CreateCompatibleDC()
obm := SelectObject(hdc, hbm)
G := Gdip_GraphicsFromHDC(hdc)
Gdip_SetSmoothingMode(G, 4)
Gdip_SetInterpolationMode(G, 7)
Gdip_TextToGraphics(G, Text, Options, Font, Width, Height)
UpdateLayeredWindow(hwnd1, hdc, (A_ScreenWidth-Width)//2, (A_ScreenHeight-Height)//2, Width, Height)
SelectObject(hdc, obm)
Gui, 1: Show, NA w500 h400


Alternative GDI+ Download: Gdip All ((beta) - Alternate variation of the lib that work for most versions of AHK like: 32, 64, unicode, ansi)


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Whats with this? (SOLVED) Transparent gui + readable font

nvm... bigger text => less quality
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thank you, yes, i did try that, and it worked nicely, however it's not possible when text is "outside" the GUI window (like in the shown example)

thanks, yes, standard commands only working with a specific color is what kept me back.
i'm trying to stay away from GDI+ though, as i couldn't get it to work on my computer, and i don't want users to have to deal with those problems.
maybe if GDI+ was standard it wouldn't  occur? not sure.
an alternative is to jump to QuickTroll, but trying to avoid that...

@Jackie Sztuk _Blackholyman
thank you, if i look more into G+ i'll definitely take a second look.



sorry all for late reply, partly due to email subscription option was unchecked in the user setting (by default)

it'd be better if it was on by default imo, but that's for another thread.


thanks again all for helping!   :]