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Recently several users have mentioned that they had emails that were used for autohotkey.com IPBOARDS this forum not PHPBB3. While we do not share any of your information with anyone ever, it should be recognized that this is an un-encrypted domain. we are bomboarded daily by botnets, smurfs, other. we meet these as best as a volunteer team on their own time can. on or about oct 18 as we closed some points of attack attackers found an entry point in this software.(like a game of whack a mole ) there was no evidence of any activity outside of some defacing done of content in the web directory. Passwords are non decryptable in our database so even if you use the same password for everything it is unlikely that any but the most skilled cracker with a whole farm of GPUs could use brute force to crack passwords. The only real damage likely if the database was compromised is SPAM, and phishing emails.


as a reminder:

No staff member will ever need your password

No staff member will send you an email asking you to click some link to update your profile

We take your privacy very seriously but we ask that you keep in mind that our community lacks the means to do anything more than a best effort at stopping wrong doers from doing wrong. If you receive Email asking you for credentials please forward that email to abuse - at- ahkscript.org and delete that email without responding to it

Never lose.