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Script to make mouse move in very fast consecutive circles?

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I've looked everywhere and I can't find squat. I'm new to ahk so I don't know how to make the script myself :/ It's for a game I play which involves spinning your mouse in a circle really quickly and repeatedly. The circle is in the center of the screen so I was hoping maybe if I was to hold down a keyboard key, the mouse cursor is moved to the middle of the screen and then spins a fast 360 over and over again until I release the keyboard key. The circle ration is quite bit so I'm not worried about it being a PERFECT circle. Here's a picture- http://prnt.sc/8xd6q6
The spinner looks different depending on the skin I have chosen. The pink circle is what my cursor looks like in game. But like the spinner, the cursor changes depending on skin too. All in all though, it's just a plain circle.
The game is fullscreen so yeah, it's pretty big.
It'd be awesome if I was able to hold down either left mouse click or E key and then the cursor spins 360s around where my cursor is currently located.
Anything would be okay though. It can't really be a toggle because the game spinner is random and sometimes it's for a very short duration. I have to be able to stop my cursor from drawing circles at the release of either a keyboard key or preferably left mouse click. Sorry if I'm repeating myself a lot I'm just really trying to draw a clear picture haha. Any help is appreciated thanks so much ^_^

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Here's a little script I made for a different purpose that you might find useful. Just change the Hotkey to what you would like (pressing 'e' (e::) would be easiest).

MouseGetPos, NEX, NEY
MouseMove, 0, 1,,R
Sleep 50
MouseMove, 1, 0,,R
Sleep 50
MouseMove, 0, -1,,R
Sleep 50
MouseMove, -1, 0,,R
Sleep 50
MouseGetPos, NEA, NEB
If (NEX != NEA)

If you manually move your mouse, it stops this script.


MouseGetPos, MouseMove, Sleep, Loop, If, Operators (!=), Break, return, Blocks


For your case, you may need to change those MouseMove values. What I have there is it moves along a 2x2 square (smallest circle you can do). If you really need a circle itself, more mousemoves will be necessary.

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Then you are looking for these commands:


you will also need a way to trigger your code



and a way to pause to toggle your script



how to move your mouse



loop to spam it



When you have some code to show someone may help you further.


Personally, for something this simple, I would just use autoscript recorder, click a bunch of points on the circle I wanted to pass through carefull to stop just before the starting location so you do not backtrack.  If click activates something, right click or middle click.

cut the result and shove it into notepad,

replace all the "MouseClick, left," with "mousemove,"

replace all the "sleep, 100" with "sleep, 10"                         - you can play with this for the speed you want

and then plug that all into a loop