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StrFind - String Find/Replace [CMD]

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AFAIK, most of it might be covered by AHK, just in case ...

StrFind: [] [] []+
Version 1.1 Copyright © 2004, Andrew J. Gryc http://gryc.ws<!-- m...s">[email protected]

Find/Replace Options
-f : Finds strings only (DEFAULT)
-r : Finds and replaces strings (must include argument)
-y : Case sensitive search and replace (DEFAULT)
-i : Case insensitive search and replace
-c : Case insensitive, replacement same case (lower/UPPER/Mixed) as original
-u : Unicode mode: search and replace are converted from ANSI to Unicode
-n : Match if string is NOT found (cannot be used with -r)
-v : Verbatim mode: ignore escape sequences in input strings
(Example escapes that can be used: ^M \r \015 \x0D)
-w : Match search string against entire line

Output Options
-t : Print total summary
-g : Print group summaries for each file and wildcard
-m : Print matching lines (if replacing, prints after replacement)
-p : Print matching lines (if replacing, prints original and replacement)
-l : Print line number for matches
-d : Print file and line number for matches
-a : Use all common print options (equivalent to -tgm) (DEFAULT)

General Options
-s : Recursively process files in subdirectories
-z : Suppress printing file progress
-k : Create backups for replaced files
-x : Fully enumerate and sort file list before searching
(Useful if replace is cyclically replacing in backup files)
-b : Force binary mode (auto-set if control chars in search/replace)
-e : Return count of matches as errorlevel to shell
-h : Prints this help