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I've created my first AHK script to assist in some basic HTML coding:

<!-- m -->https://ahknet.autoh...etom/html_aide/<!-- m -->

The inspiration came from the need for my copywriter to press Ctrl-B to bold text with <b></b> tags. I started adding more and more goodies, and pretty soon HTML Aide was born. I expect there to be bugs since this is the first release and I don't have my own QA department, so please report bugs here or directly to me. Feature suggestions and optimization tips are also appreciated.


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Definitely useful, especially with your clearly-written documentation. Thanks for posting it.

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I meant to compliment you on this too. I don't do alot of HTML coding but this will definitely be handy next time I do.

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Thanks for the encouragement, guys. I have since made some updates to the script.

1.7	- Replaced "1.0" with %AppVersion% in email subject
		- Fixed bug: original clipboard text restored only after GUI closes

1.6	- Added CleanSpaces function to strip extra spaces from clipboard
		- Fixed bug: copying text from beginning of Word bullet also copied "<Tab>

1.5	- Added divider line in tray menu
		- Added Insert tray menu
		- Added ability to insert lists
		- Added to ToolOff group: CabinetWClass, "Message"
		- Added underlined shortcuts

1.1	- Added "(Suspended)" to tooltip when tool is suspended

1.0	- Initial release