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USB Safely Remove - it's handy

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USB Safely Remove is a cute safely remove hardware replacement. Main features:
* Hiding any device from handy stop menu
* Real device names + renaming
* Keyboard shortcuts (!!!) for easy device stopping
* Programs autorun on device plugging/unplugging
* Shows processes preveting device from being stopped
* Command line

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It helps me clearly identify all usb connected drives, so I as a user know all external peripherials connected to the PC, several devices such as external hard drives are clearly and quickly identified and shown in the program box, also a valuable function built into the program is option of which devices are allowed to be disconnected and which are forbidden, this is an important feature as my external hard drives are continually transferring data from the PC, there have been instances in the past where Windows safely remove program would be UNABLE to disconnect these devices at any point and so lose system memory information in flow and to a greater extent crash the PC.Another feature I am glad of is the ability to select images to be associated with a particular connected equipment, this makes identification a lot more easier when you have several memory, flash, game hardware connected at once (the custom naming also helps).

Link to the site: http://safelyremove.com/
Link to exe: http://safelyremove....removesetup.exe

Not free, but there is a way to get it for free, look here: http://safelyremove....teanarticle.htm.

Also if you purchase it today(if you so fast:) ) you will be entered into a draw to win Apple iPod nano (http://safelyremove....wtopic.php?t=33)

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I have examined USB Safely Remove and I like it and would recommend it to anyone who is interested.

My preferred feature? It's the intelligent way the author deals with the Freeware/Payware/Shareware issues. I have to say this is the best solution I have ever seen and I like it very much!

Here is a link to the site: <!-- m -->http://safelyremove.com/<!-- m -->

And, here is a link to the exe: <!-- m -->http://safelyremove....removesetup.exe<!-- m -->

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There is no need to safely remove USB drives generaly. I always just unplug them. You just need to see if its drive light is flashing and wait for the drive to finish operation. Its the same for any hardware
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I'm not sure, but XP SP2 runs a scandisk on my flash drive the next time after unplugging, er.. "unsafely". :)

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I'm posting my experiences for those of you who would like to know what to expect if you comply with their request and send them your "full name" as well as writing an "article" about their product. They request you do this in order to get a free license for their product. You can see the article I wrote earlier in this thread.

In order to comply, I sent them a link to this thread as well as my full name. They sent me an email containing two pieces of info. The first was called the "registration name" and was the exact string that I sent them containing my full name. The second was called the "registration code" and it was a string of 30 alphanumeric characters. Unfortunately, they never specified whether the license was of the "Lifetime Duration" or the "One Year" duration.

The code is somehow tied to the name. In other words, in order to successfully register the free version of the product, you must specify the exact same "full name" they sent you together with the exact same "registration code" they sent you.

One interesting thing - I expected that every time I started their product, it would display my "full name" in a prominent way. Presumably this would discourage people from "sharing" registered copies of their product which would seem to be only fair. I was surprised that this didn't happen. Perhaps it may begin to do that after the 30 days have expired, which could be an unpleasant surprise for people who have used their legal full name and gotten their copy registered and then sent multiple copies to a large number of friends. It could happen that their full legal name would then appear on multiple PCs whenever people either use or start this product. The warning seems pretty clear. If any of your friends want a copy of this product, you should tell them to register their own copy and do not send them a copy of your registered version. Otherwise, things might become a little embarassing for you.

Unless, of course, you were suspicious enough to have sent them a "pen name" when you first provided your full name.

You have to admit though - all in all - it's a pretty clever way to distribute a product and get some free promotion or advertising at the same time. I tip my hat to the developer. I think it's a very clever approach for this type of product - assuming of course the developer is on the level and that they want to provide a useful product and they're not just "mining" for lists of peoples' legal names together with their valid email addresses.

I am intrigued by what majkinetor posted. I bought a USB drive about a year ago and the first few times I used it, it would notify me when it was safe to remove the USB drive. However, after those first few times, it never worked correctly again. When I tried to disconnect it, it always gave me a message that the drive was in use and could not be disconnected at that time. So, just as majkinetor said, I looked at the red light and saw when it wasn't reading or writing anything and then I just unplugged it without ever any problems. Since then, I must have used it over a hundred times by now with never any problems. So, maybe the software that tells you it's safe to remove the USB drive really is unnecessary. Isn't that good for a laugh?

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I tell you, this software is useless as much as similar OS tray option.

I can't find it now, but there is an option in MyComputer Properties for USB hardware which say something like:

- alow unsafe usb removal

which is default OS option. When you uncheck it, the system will IIRC not flash the drive so often so some data may be lost.

When you think about it, its completely logical - the USB is desinged to be pluged/unplaged without any special procedure, the only thing that can be problematic is while it works as you can bump in the middle of the writting which may produce all kind of side effects, but will usualy just behave like you safely unpluged it. So, if the drive doesn't work, its perfectly safe to remove it.

Some drives may work all the time, like USB cable modem, but again, such things can be usualy turned off using the button, and internals are not so sensitive like it is the case with USB drives.
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After thinking it over, I have to agree with you. It was an interesting experience, however. Thankfully, the email address I sent them was highly disposable. Just to be careful though, I won't use it again for anything else in the future.

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FYI, there is one little thingie you might want to use, called mailinator.

You thought out any mail you like and just add @Mailinator.com, for instance [email protected]. Then you put that mail wherever you want and if somebody send you something, Mailinator will receive and if user doesn't exist it will create the one for you that will last 7 days or so. So you can come, enter the e-mail account you want to check peak up any info you want and forget about it.

It worked for me several times but later it stoped.

There is no password so anybody can enter any e-mail, but this is not for some sensitve data sharing.
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Not sure what this sw does but I'd resolved issues with removing USB drives . from instructions in the web. These are the 2 common reasons:

1. MS explorer window open with the USB's file/dir (just kill the window).
Also check/kill other programs that are accessing the files/dirs e.g. media player etc.

2. Recycle bin (of C: drive) is mounting other drives e.g. usb's.
RMB > Properties of Recycle Bin: "Do not move files to the Recycle Bin" for the other drives.

Hope this helps.

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I almost never use the Safely Remove Hardware window but since it's always in my tray anyway I figured I'd give this app a shot.

I have a few issues with it, but in general I think it's a cool idea.

The first issue, is that you cannot turn off the feature which brings up the devices menu whenever you hover the mouse over the tray icon. I hate this feature with a passion and cannot figure out why there would be no option to remove it.

The second, less important issue, is that while it doesn't look bad, it also doesn't integrate very well with the Vista themes. It would be nice if it had a slightly more "elegant" appearance on Vista, such as incorporating the glass effect or using transparency. The beige window background doesn't really fit in down by the taskbar when it is themed.

I think you should add a Rename option to the right-click menu of devices, and then allow renaming directly in the pop-up menu rather than having to go into Properties to change the name. That would simply be a cool feature :)

Other than that, I really like the application and am considering either writing a full article about it or purchasing it in the near future.

I recommend anyone interested to give it a try.

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free licence for safety remove from 10th to 18th Feb about to start, one week only for free version 3.3
just thought you might like to know

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I've just got the license. Below the license request page:

Type your name, email and you'll get email with license in a few hours.

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I found it.

In XP,SP3 (and probably others):
- Method 1: "F: Properties" -> Hardware -> (Select USB Disk and click Properties) -> ...USB Device Properties -> Policies -> "Optimize for quick removal".
- Method 2: Device Manager -> Disk Drives -> Double-Click USB Disk -> Policies -> "Optimize for quick removal".

"This setting disables write caching on the disk and in Windows, so you can disconnect this device without using the Safe Removal icon."

- This appears to be the best option. As long as light is off and work has finished, you can pull it out.

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USB Safely Remove is a good program imo. I recently suffered a scrambled MP3 player because I pulled it out of my laptop even though Windows said it was busy. However, USB Safely Remove is ~3.4 MB (installer), whereas a 20 KB AHK script can perform the same basic functions (for my computer at least) - and since I always have my AHK perma-script running, I just added it to that. The scripts are below, but they need a lot of cleanup and updating. Also, it's not nearly as nice as USB Safely Remove. The goal would be to have an AHK version of that:

Edit: I made major changes to the script. e.g. replaced the auxiliary popup closer script with a pipe script function (kudos to HotkeyIt for the pipe technique).

NOTE: You need to customize drives to ignore in PopUSB subroutine.

A lot of the code (the complicated parts) are based on code by SKAN including
his Safely Remove USB Flash Drive - 45L: 

The script also heavily relies on TrayIcon.ahk by Sean: 

And it uses a pipe script from HotkeyIt/Lexikos:
;Below from is from a post by HotkeyIt: http://www.autohotkey.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=263671#263671
;He referenced Lexikos as the main source: http://www.autohotkey.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=25867

To use the UnlockIt subroutine, Unlocker has to be installed: 
(this is a temporary solution - I want to ultimately use AHK to find the offending processes)

You may also want to customize the auto-pop-up behavior of the ejection box, which is loosely
based on bmcclure post here:
#SingleInstance, Force
SetBatchLines, -1
;SetWinDelay -1
;SetKeyDelay -1
;SetControlDelay -1
DetectHiddenWindows, On
SetTitleMatchMode, 2
SendMode, Input
CoordMode, Mouse, Screen
SetWorkingDir % A_ScriptDir

;;;   Start of USB Remove initiation

;below list floppy drives, and fixed,virtual,ram hard drives to skip (all permanent drives, that may appear to AHK as Removable or Fixed e.g. RAM drives often emulate fixed drives)
SkipDrives = (A|B|C|Q|R|Z)

;record script's PID for use in auto-closing its pop-ups
pidParent := DllCall("GetCurrentProcessId")

;record system tray id for clicking Safely Remove Hardware
hSysTray := WinExist( "ahk_class SystemTray_Main" )

;set script to receive notification on mouse-over (tray icon)

;hide the default "Safely Remove Hardware" tray icon (uID = 1226)
If RegExMatch(TrayIcons("explorer.exe"), "(?<=idn: )(?P<Idn>\d+) \| Pid: (?P<Pid>\d+) \| uID: 1226", srh)

;Context menus cannot be timed to self-terminate, so the auxiliary script below is launched via a pipe to wait for a context menu window from parent script's process (PID) right before parent shows menu, and to close it within 1.5s if/once not in use (mouse cursor not over it)
script =
  DetectHiddenWindows, On
  WinWait, ahk_class #32768 ahk_pid %pidParent%,,1
  If hPop := WinExist("ahk_class #32768 ahk_pid %pidParent%")
      Sleep, 1500    
      IfWinNotExist, ahk_id `%hPop`%
      If (mPop != hPop)
    IfWinExist, ahk_id `%hPop`%

Menu, Tray, UseErrorLevel
Menu, Tray, Icon, Hotplug.dll, 2
Menu, Tray, Add,
Menu, Tray, Add, Show Removable Devices, PopUSB
Menu, USB, UseErrorLevel

;;;   End of USB Remove initiation

;Specify drives to ignore below
  RDRV := RegExReplace(RDRV,SkipDrives)
  ADRV := RDRV . RegExReplace(FDRV,SkipDrives)
  ;if no ejectable drives, no menu
  If !ADRV

  ejectionAttempt := 0
  ;skip menu if only one drive to eject and ejection was hotkey initiated
  If (A_ThisHotkey == "#u" && A_TimeSinceThisHotkey < 100 && StrLen(ADRV) == 1)
    Gosub, EjectDirectly
    Menu, USB, DeleteAll
    Loop, Parse, ADRV
      DriveGet, Label, Label, %A_LoopField%:    
      DriveGet, Size, Capacity, %A_LoopField%:
      Capacity := DriveSpace( A_LoopField,2 ), VarSetCapacity( DiskSz,16,0 )
      DllCall( "shlwapi.dll\StrFormatByteSize64A", Int64,Capacity, Str,DiskSz, UInt,16 )
      Menu, USB, Add, &%A_LoopField%: %Label%`t%DiskSz%`t, EjectUSB
    Menu, USB, Show

Loop, 3
  If (ejectionAttempt == 1)
    Drv := (A_ThisLabel == "EjectDirectly") ? ADRV : SubStr( A_ThisMenuItem,2,1 ), noSafelyRemove := 1, hProblem := ""
    ;If drive is "removable" (flash) use SKAN's USBD_SafelyRemove
    IfInString, RDRV, %Drv%
      noSafelyRemove := USBD_SafelyRemove( Drv . ":" )
  Else Sleep, 3000 ;wait 3 second and try again
  ;If drive not "removable", or USBD_SafelyRemove failed, try to eject drive from Windows "Safely Remove Hardware" tray menu
  If noSafelyRemove
    BlockInput, on
    PostMessage, 1226, 1226, 0x201,,ahk_id %hSysTray% ; Left Click down
    PostMessage, 1226, 1226, 0x202,,ahk_id %hSysTray% ; Left Click Up
    WinWaitActive, ahk_id %hSysTray%,,5                ; Wait for SRH Tray left-click-Menu
    If (ejectionAttempt == 1)
      ; MN_GETHMENU : Code for retrieving popup menu text adapted from Sean's following post
      ;   Get Info from Context Menu: www.autohotkey.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=137692#137692
      SendMessage,0x1E1,0,0,,ahk_class #32768
      hMenu := ErrorLevel, USBcount := DllCall( "GetMenuItemCount",UInt,hMenu )
      Loop, % USBcount
        idx := A_Index-1, idn := DllCall( "GetMenuItemID", UInt,hMenu, Int,idx ), nSize := DllCall( "GetMenuString", UInt,hMenu, Int,idx, Int,0, Int,0, UInt,0x400 ) + 1, mStr := ""
        VarSetCapacity( mStr,nSize )
        DllCall( "GetMenuString", UInt,hMenu, Int,idx, Str,mStr, Int,nSize, UInt,0x400 )
        If InStr( mStr, Drv . ":")
          steps := A_Index
    ControlSend,,{Down %steps%}{Enter},ahk_id %hSysTray%
    BlockInput, Off
    ;loop 10 sec waiting for either the ejected drive to disappear (success), or 'Problem Ejecting' window to appear
    Loop, 10
      WinWait,Problem Ejecting,,1
      If (!Errorlevel || !FileExist(Drv . ":"))
    If hProblem := WinExist("Problem Ejecting")
      ControlClick, Button1, ahk_id %hProblem%
      If (ejectionAttempt < 3) ;try again
      MsgBox,4,Device %Drv%: locked,Do you want to run Unlocker?`n(Requires Unlocker to be installed),11
      IfMsgBox Yes
        Run, %A_ProgramFiles%\Unlocker\Unlocker.exe %Drv%:
    Else Break
  Else Break
IfExist, %Drv%:
  TrayTip,Mystery error,Ejection of device %Drv%: failed.`n`nhProblem: %hProblem%`nejectionAttempt: %ejectionAttempt%`nnoSafelyRemove: %noSafelyRemove%,11
If noSafelyRemove

RegExMatch(TrayIcons("explorer.exe"), "(?<=idn: )(?P<Idn>\d+) \| Pid: (?P<Pid>\d+) \| uID: 1226", srh)

;opens tray menu/s when mouse is over icon and interprets clicks
AutoHotkey_Notify(wParam, lParam)
  static ignoreNext
  If (lParam = 0x205) ;Right-click menu
    ignoreNext := A_Now
    Menu, Tray, Show
  Else If (lParam = 0x202) ;Left-click menu
    ignoreNext := A_Now
    KeyWait, LButton, D T0.2  ; wait to see if 2nd left-click follows
    If ErrorLevel
      Gosub, PopUSB ;no second click, execute default left-click action 
    Else ListVars ;double-click received
    ignoreWait := ignoreNext
    If (ignoreWait < -4 || !ignoreWait)
      ignoreNext := A_Now
      Gosub, PopUSB

;unhides Windows 'Safely Remove Hardware' tray icon
  RegExMatch(TrayIcons("explorer.exe"), "s)(?<=idn: )\d+(?= \| Pid: \d+ \| uID: 1226)", idn), HideTrayIcon(idn,False)
;Functions below are 100% by other people and normally reside in my .\AutoHotkey\Lib direcorty:

; www.autohotkey.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=92483#92483
DriveSpace(Drv="", Free=1) 
  Drv.= ":\", VarSetCapacity(SPC, 30, 0), VarSetCapacity(BPS, 30, 0)
  VarSetCapacity(FC , 30, 0), VarSetCapacity(TC , 30, 0)  
  DllCall( "GetDiskFreeSpaceA",Str,Drv,UIntP,SPC,UIntP,BPS,UIntP,FC,UIntP,TC )
  Return Free=1 ? (SPC*BPS*FC) : (SPC*BPS*TC) ; Ternary Operator requires 1.0.46+

;from TrayIcon.ahk by Sean: http://www.autohotkey.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=18652
TrayIcons(sExeName = "")
	WinGet,	pidTaskbar, PID, ahk_class Shell_TrayWnd
	hProc:=	DllCall("OpenProcess", "Uint", 0x38, "int", 0, "Uint", pidTaskbar)
	pProc:=	DllCall("VirtualAllocEx", "Uint", hProc, "Uint", 0, "Uint", 32, "Uint", 0x1000, "Uint", 0x4)
	idxTB:=	GetTrayBar()
		SendMessage, 0x418, 0, 0, ToolbarWindow32%idxTB%, ahk_class Shell_TrayWnd   ; TB_BUTTONCOUNT
	Loop,	%ErrorLevel%
		SendMessage, 0x417, A_Index-1, pProc, ToolbarWindow32%idxTB%, ahk_class Shell_TrayWnd   ; TB_GETBUTTON
		VarSetCapacity(btn,32,0), VarSetCapacity(nfo,32,0)
		DllCall("ReadProcessMemory", "Uint", hProc, "Uint", pProc, "Uint", &btn, "Uint", 32, "Uint", 0)
			iBitmap	:= NumGet(btn, 0)
			idn	:= NumGet(btn, 4)
			Statyle := NumGet(btn, 8)
		If	dwData	:= NumGet(btn,12)
			iString	:= NumGet(btn,16)
		Else	dwData	:= NumGet(btn,16,"int64"), iString:=NumGet(btn,24,"int64")
		DllCall("ReadProcessMemory", "Uint", hProc, "Uint", dwData, "Uint", &nfo, "Uint", 32, "Uint", 0)
		If	NumGet(btn,12)
			hWnd	:= NumGet(nfo, 0)
		,	uID	:= NumGet(nfo, 4)
		,	nMsg	:= NumGet(nfo, 8)
		,	hIcon	:= NumGet(nfo,20)
		Else	hWnd	:= NumGet(nfo, 0,"int64"), uID:=NumGet(nfo, 8), nMsg:=NumGet(nfo,12)
		WinGet, pid, PID,              ahk_id %hWnd%
		WinGet, sProcess, ProcessName, ahk_id %hWnd%
		WinGetClass, sClass,           ahk_id %hWnd%
		If !sExeName || (sExeName = sProcess) || (sExeName = pid)
			VarSetCapacity(sTooltip,128), VarSetCapacity(wTooltip,128*2)
		,	DllCall("ReadProcessMemory", "Uint", hProc, "Uint", iString, "Uint", &wTooltip, "Uint", 128*2, "Uint", 0)
		,	DllCall("WideCharToMultiByte", "Uint", 0, "Uint", 0, "str", wTooltip, "int", -1, "str", sTooltip, "int", 128, "Uint", 0, "Uint", 0)
		,	sTrayIcons .= "idx: " . A_Index-1 . " | idn: " . idn . " | Pid: " . pid . " | uID: " . uID . " | MessageID: " . nMsg . " | hWnd: " . hWnd . " | Class: " . sClass . " | Process: " . sProcess . "`n" . "   | Tooltip: " . sTooltip . "`n"
	DllCall("VirtualFreeEx", "Uint", hProc, "Uint", pProc, "Uint", 0, "Uint", 0x8000)
	DllCall("CloseHandle", "Uint", hProc)
	Return	sTrayIcons

HideTrayIcon(idn, bHide = True)
	idxTB := GetTrayBar()
	SendMessage, 0x404, idn, bHide, ToolbarWindow32%idxTB%, ahk_class Shell_TrayWnd   ; TB_HIDEBUTTON
	SendMessage, 0x1A, 0, 0, , ahk_class Shell_TrayWnd

	ControlGet, hParent, hWnd,, TrayNotifyWnd1  , ahk_class Shell_TrayWnd
	ControlGet, hChild , hWnd,, ToolbarWindow321, ahk_id %hParent%
		ControlGet, hWnd, hWnd,, ToolbarWindow32%A_Index%, ahk_class Shell_TrayWnd
		If  Not	hWnd
		Else If	hWnd = %hChild%
			idxTB := A_Index
	Return	idxTB

;Original script by Lexikos: Lexikos as the main source: http://www.autohotkey.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=25867
;The function version below is from a post by HotkeyIt: http://www.autohotkey.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=263671#263671
RunScript(TempScript, name="")
   pipe_name := name="" ? A_TickCount : name
   ; Before reading the file, AutoHotkey calls GetFileAttributes(). This causes
   ; the pipe to close, so we must create a second pipe for the actual file contents.
   ; Open them both before starting AutoHotkey, or the second attempt to open the
   ; "file" will be very likely to fail. The first created instance of the pipe
   ; seems to reliably be "opened" first. Otherwise, WriteFile would fail.
   pipe_ga := CreateNamedPipe(pipe_name, 2)
   pipe    := CreateNamedPipe(pipe_name, 2)
   if (pipe=-1 or pipe_ga=-1) 
      MsgBox CreateNamedPipe failed.
   Run, %A_AhkPath% "\\.\pipe\%pipe_name%",,,PID
   ; Wait for AutoHotkey to connect to pipe_ga via GetFileAttributes().
   ; This pipe is not needed, so close it now. (The pipe instance will not be fully
   ; destroyed until AutoHotkey also closes its handle.)
   ; Wait for AutoHotkey to connect to open the "file".
   ; AutoHotkey reads the first 3 bytes to check for the UTF-8 BOM "". If it is
   ; NOT present, AutoHotkey then attempts to "rewind", thus breaking the pipe.
   Script:= chr(239) chr(187) chr(191) TempScript
   if !DllCall("WriteFile","uint",pipe,"str",Script,"uint",StrLen(Script)+1,"uint*",0,"uint",0)
      MsgBox WriteFile failed: %ErrorLevel%/%A_LastError%
   Return PID

;by Lexikos: http://www.autohotkey.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=25867
CreateNamedPipe(Name, OpenMode=3, PipeMode=0, MaxInstances=255) 
    return DllCall("CreateNamedPipe","str","\\.\pipe\" Name,"uint",OpenMode

;By SKAN: http://www.autohotkey.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=44873
;modifications (lines with ;;): added 1 and 2, and replaced TrayTip... with Return 3
USBD_SafelyRemove( Drv ) {
 If A_OSVersion not in  WIN_VISTA,WIN_XP,WIN_2000
   Return 1 ;;
 If ! ( Serial := USBD_GetDeviceSerial( Drv ) )
	Return 2 ;;
 DeviceID := USBD_GetDeviceID( Serial )
 DeviceEject( DeviceID )
 IfExist, %Drv%\, Return 3 ;; TrayTip, %DeviceID%, Drive %Drv% was not Ejected!, 10, 3
 Else, TrayTip, %DeviceID%, Drive %Drv% was safely Removed, 10, 1

USBD_GetDeviceSerial( Drv="" ) {
 DriveGet, DriveType, Type, %Drv%
 IfNotEqual,DriveType,Removable, Return
 RegRead, Hex, HKLM, SYSTEM\MountedDevices, \DosDevices\%Drv%
 VarSetCapacity(U,(Sz:=StrLen(Hex)//2)),  VarSetCapacity(A,Sz+1)
 Loop % Sz
  NumPut( "0x" . SubStr(hex,2*A_Index-1,2), U, A_Index-1, "Char" )
 DllCall( "WideCharToMultiByte", Int,0,Int,0, UInt,&U,UInt,Sz, Str,A,UInt,Sz, Int,0,Int,0)
 StringSplit, Part, A, #
 ParentIdPrefixCheck := SubStr( Part3,1,InStr(Part3,"&",0,0)-1 )
 IfEqual,A_OSVersion,WIN_VISTA, Return,ParentIdPrefixCheck
 Loop, HKLM, SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\USBSTOR,1,0
  { Device := A_LoopRegName
    Loop, HKLM, SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\USBSTOR\%Device%,1,0
     { Serial := A_LoopRegName
       RegRead, PIPrefix, HKLM, SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\USBSTOR\%Device%\%Serial%
              , ParentIdPrefix
       If ( PIPrefix = ParentIdPrefixCheck )
         Return, SubStr( Serial,1,InStr(Serial,"&",0,0)-1 )

USBD_GetDeviceID( Serial ) {
 Loop, HKLM, SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\USB\,1,0
  { Device := A_LoopRegName
    Loop, HKLM, SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\USB\%Device%,1,0
    If ( A_LoopRegName=Serial )
      Return DllCall( "CharUpperA", Str, "USB\" Device "\" Serial, Str )

DeviceEject( DeviceID ) {
 hMod := DllCall( "LoadLibrary", Str,"SetupAPI.dll" ), VarSetCapacity(VE,255,0)
 If ! DllCall( "SetupAPI\CM_Locate_DevNodeA", UIntP,DI, Str,DeviceID, Int,0 )
 If ! DllCall( "SetupAPI\CM_Get_DevNode_Status", UIntP,STS, UIntP,PR, UInt,DI, Int,0)
 DllCall( "SetupAPI\CM_Request_Device_EjectA", UInt,DI, UIntP,VT, Str,VE, UInt,255, Int,0)
 DllCall( "FreeLibrary", UInt,hMod )

Hardware: fast laptop with SSD
Software: Win 7 Home Premium 64-bit, android for phone and tablet

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Trying USB Safely Remove - interesting application, but not sure that is need to safely remove USB drives on Win XP or Vista :?