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Serial ( COM ) Port Console Script

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heo sungrok
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how can i use multi com port????


i can fine only one port console............


plz.. help me


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I'm new to the forum and to autohotkey.


I'm hoping someone can help me.


I'm trying to interface with a radwag wpt 60 ck/2 weight indicator unit.

I need to send the command S 0X0D 0x0A via the rs232 interface the indicator should then return the value i need. 

I would prefer to activate via a hotkey command (eg. ctrl+shift+F9).

After that i need to send a CR LF command to terminate.

I have been trying to get it to work with RS232_Write(RS232_FileHandle,Hex_Data) but i can't quite get it working.

I just need a basic send recieve scipt, nothing fancy :-)


Anyone who can help me out ?


If further information or reference material is needed i will gladly provide it :-)