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Control screensaver and wallpaper?

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I had made a script not to long ago that would change the desktop background and setting useing the built in function of MS Themes. most systems have this installed in their %windirectory%/system32/ folder. useing the theme program you can make your own themes, (i normally set it to only change the back ground) but what it does is just like webshots, it will change my background on start up, the only thing i can get it to do that webshots does is the cool canendar function. now that would be a good scrpit.
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This one is very good for handling your screensavers... I think I'll stick with this one (for now):


Has command line:

debug - displays annoying debugging messages.

delay=xxxx - sets xxxx (any number) as the delay, in milliseconds, between double-clicking the icon and running the screen saver. This prevents the saver from closing right away if your hand is still moving the mouse. Default is 150.

kill - exits SaverNow right after it loads. Combined with the run option it allows you to simply activate your saver from the command line.

loadatstartup - the same as checking the Load At Startup menu option. Other options are saved as startup command line.

nosplash - bypasses that little bit of info that appears for a few seconds when you load SaverNow. If you don't want to wait a few seconds for this window to disappear, you can also just click on it.

notips - skips the Tip of the Day when SaverNow starts.

password - turns screen saver password protection on or off.

randomchoose - sets a random screen saver as the current Windows screen saver.

randomlaunch - launches a random screen saver immediately.

randomonactivate , randomonclick , randomonload - same as the corresponding Set Random Saver menu options.

run - runs the current screen saver immediately.

saver - sets Windows screen saver activation on or off.

setsaver=filename.scr - sets 'filename.scr' as the current Windows screen saver. Screen saver files reside in the Windows or System folder, and have a ".scr" extension. Filename should not include the path to the file. The user is responsible for setting a legal saver filename.

Plus (very nice extra's)...

You can 'record' different actions to:

All 4 screen corners, and all 4 ways of clicking on it's tray icon...


I use the hotkey-function and/or the bottom right corner to activate a random screensaver (short 'away'), or let it timeout, or I doubleclick the trayicon, then it runs Lock 'n Clock screensaver... (soon to be replaced with my own 'unbreakable' AutoHotkey screensaver) :wink:
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