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Useing a MIDI keyboard with AutoHotKey

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Hi. I'm new to AutoHotKey and I was wondering if it is possible is use a MIDI keyboard(the musical kind) connected via USB to trigger macros. More importantly I was wondering if I could create a macro that would send a MIDI message, imitating the sustain pedal on my keyboard.

Basically is there any way to use AutoHotKey with external USB devices.

Thanks in advance.


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those are technically very different questions. my Yamaha Clavinova connects to my PC via USB, but so does my external hard drive. The question "...with external USB devices" does not mean much.

As far as using AHK with MIDI devices (connection hardware does not matter), please see

Midi input library by orbik
MIDI IN support in AutoHotkey by hamoid
MIDI Output from AHK by TomB (maybe could be updated per his note now that we can RegisterCallback)
Cinmidi - Console MIDI INput [CMD] by Bobo (can be used if you want to work via CmdRet)
Midi Tools [CMD] by Bobo (more tools)
MIDI as an input for AutoHotkey? by daonlyfreez

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Thanks for the help. I think I'm going to try to use a program called MIDI-OX to map MIDI commands to keys and then use AutoHotKey to trigger them but if that doesn't work I'll try to figure out how to use the stuff you posted.