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What Was The First Language You Learned?

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Not for speaking, for programming.

The first I learned was...ASM, I had to use it in a class at school to make two things:

1). I had to make a robot arm pickup a ball and drop it off in a specified location.
2). I had to carve my name into a block of wax.
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i wanted to make a game so badly

i gave up on it after the mods (yes, all of em) wouldn't let me post my tutorial pack (tutorial heaven, 58 tutorials...from absolute beginner to advanced.). they said "there is too many tutorials" so they wouldn't let me post it.

rawr. be very afraid
. Populate the AutoHotkey city. Pointless but somewhat fun. .

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My first programming language is BATCH (is it classed as a programming language?), then I went to C++, then some random stuff, settled down with AHK...

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BASIC on a commodore 64/128 in the late 80s. We used to borrow books from the library and transcribe code for games by hand from the book. We didn't have the floppy drive unit, so we couldn't save games through a reboot.

Tinkered list:
68HC11 Assembly
SX assembly
PBasic (parallax)
C (PIC, Atmel, Rabbit, PC)
Java (Blackberry)
Lisp (really!)

Most of those languages I can read/modify/learn. I can write in a few.

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TI (texas instruments) basic... on a graphing calculator while I was in middle-school :p I programmed an attack-dice program for various board games that were missing dice.

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We used to borrow books from the library and transcribe code for games by hand from the book. We didn't have the floppy drive unit, so we couldn't save games through a reboot.

it's so sad story ROFLMAO

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BASIC on commodore vic20, 64/128, ...

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HTML and BATCH were my first. HTML i used to post pornografic games on the internett and BATCH i used to make smal iritating apps to plant on scool computers. god times. i most have ben about 8 wen i lernd html and 12 or so wen i lernd BATCH
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HTML, Javascript, some very basic css, and a rather pathetic attempt at C++. I've glanced over some lines of Python and edited a few lines, but that hardly constitutes a knowledge of the language. And AHK. Pretty much in that order.
If I were more gifted, I'd shoot for a better understanding of C++ and start learning Java.

What exactly is PHP anyway?

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BASIC on a Commodore 64, later DOS/Batch on a 286, and I had an Amiga 1000 and later an Atari 1040 ST (no "programming" on those for me, only music and graphics/games). Then several Macs and Windows boxes, again no programming (AppleScript and Batch mainly), then one day I discovered AutoIt, and eventually AutoHotkey.

I glanced over several programming languages, got quite proficient in HTML/JavaScript due to webdesign, but I'm no real programmer, I am a "real" scripter though.


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What exactly is PHP anyway?


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Hmmmm, i wrote my first code(if you can call it a code :lol:) when i was about 7, changed few screen colors, did some very basic calculations on if anyone remembers "SINTEZ-M", i though that programming is a very cool thing to know :lol:!
My list:
1) AHK (duh)
2) some basic C++ and Java
3) VBA
5) CSS
6) some Javascript
7) PHP and SQL <- currently studying

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if you can call it a code :lol:

That certainly is a code. I don't think my very first 'script' is, however... :wink:
@ echo '22-02-2003'
As you can see, Batch was my first language. I was 10 at the time. :p After that I experimented with Batch for a long time. I tried doing all kinds of things, like Tamagotchi using file's names to remember values, and other useless but fun stuff. After that I tried perl, but - maybe it was because I was young - I wanted more than just letters in a black box, so I quit with perl soon. I learned HTML and shortly after Javascript. I kept messing around with those for literaly years and had great fun (always writing scripts in a very, very cumbersome way 8)). After a friend of mine kept insisting (for over a year, actually, before I finally gave in) to start using PHP, I tried it and I liked it, especially things like making relatively secure password protected sites, which I couldn't have done with Javascript (well, I tried, but you get the point :wink:). Then I learned using MySQL, which was cool, but then, after all those years, I finally discovered AHK and was hooked! I have been using it for for a wide variety of things since then, almost instantly abandoning PHP. :wink: I tried to combine them, though.
That's my story... :p
So my programming languages are: Batch, HTML, JS, PHP, MySQL and AHK.

Oh! I almost forgot: I can program really fast (with all the bloody menus) on a Graphical Calculator, the Casio CFX-9850GC Plus. Some kids in my classes have one or two useful programmes, but not me! I have a list of - let me count them, please wait... - 47! :p Most are just crap / me being bored, but some are really useful. I even programmed an algorithm to simplify square roots on it (a good algorithm really is nescesary, because the calculator is really slow :)) of which I think no-one else has thought of (nothing fancy, though), at least no-one posted it on the interblag. And of course, some games, programmed entirely by me (not like many others in my class, downloading them) like space-invaders.

Sorry this got do long... ;)

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hmm lets see, I'm pretty sure I learned stuff in this order over the last 5 or so years:
2) lots of Javascript (actually used to write IPB mods in javascript at FMods)
3) a fair amount of PHP/MySQL
4) a bit of LOGO (hell yeah!)
5) some RGSS (Ruby Game Scripting System - used in RPG Maker :) )
6) AHK
7) AU3

I know I'm forgetting something, but w/e :p

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Basic on a TRS-80 Model II, in 7th grade (12 years old) in 1981. It had 48k of memory and I saved programs to a cassette tape. Anyone remember the fun of trying to load a program from the middle of a cassette tape with other stuff on it? If I was lucky I got to work on the Model III with 64k of memory!

Like engunneer, I too transcribed some programs from a magazine into a vic 20 and commodore 64, but boy was that tedious.

Didn't program again until I took Pascal just for fun in college. Almost instantly changed my major to computer engineering and 16 years out of college still love programming.