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Multi-Rename Script v1.5c (Unicode)

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Multi-Rename Script
Open source application for massive file renaming.

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[*:1tip15hf] On Windows 7, you need to disable the DEP protection on AHK (or MRS.exe in this case).
[*:1tip15hf] Some Total Commander plugins are included in the archive for operational and presentational purposes (AnyTag, FileX, Images, ShellDetails, WdHash). For more info see their respective pages.
[*:1tip15hf] Script includes ready to use module TCwdx.ahk which can be used to operate with Total Commander content plugins.
[*:1tip15hf] Total Commander users can add MRS to the menu with %UL parameter. TC post is here.

v1.5c 19/02/2010
! Fixed issue with content plugins that have - in the name (i.e. jpg-comment.wdx)
+ Optimization: Improved speed of editor preview a lot.
+ TCWdx module improved:
+ Unicode support for TC content plugins - module will first try W export, then A export, then it will return error.
+ It cashes function adresses for faster subsequent calls. HTML manual for external use.
* Removed dependency on folder names to be equal to content plugins names. When TC ini file is not present, module now searches recursively for all wdx files in the \plugins folder.* Range will no longer flicker in "select range" inputbox. Inputbox is wider.
+ Added TC content plugin cputil.wdx which allows to find file names with characters from a different code page, and rename them using conversion table.
+ ShellDetails.wdx updated to Unicode version.[/list]

+ Unicode support in GUI and AHK Plugins. Total Commander plugins are still not unicode (because they still mostly don't support it).
+ Resizable window (window placement is saved in ini)
+ Rename operation will create directory if it doesn't exist (__meta__)
+ If you hold CTRL while using drag&drop or shell extension to add single folder, MRS will add its files instead.
* Preset Save button and DropDown replaced with single editable ComboBox. To save preset write its desired name and press ENTER. To load preset select it from the list or type its name.
* You don't need AHK anymore to run MRS. AHKL is included in the archive, renamed to MRS.exe so you don't have to install it. MRS.ahk itself is renamed to AutoHotKey.ini.
+ Optimization: 10% faster renaming.


* ComboX, HLink modules updated. This will fix ComboX issue where plugin buttons were drawn over it.
+ CTRL + A hotkey added to select all files in the list view.
+ Little gui improvements.
! Bugfix: Script freezing, mostly on Win7 & Vista.
+ New AHK plugin Sub: Extracts substring from file name from str1 up to the str2.

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Very nice, maj.

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I'm not sure if this will replace the current renaming tool that I use but I'm going to give it a shot. Thanks for sharing. 8)

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To my knowledge, there are no tools around that support scripting. Thats the main point of this - you want some more, write simple AHK script.
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I like it :)
now I have to renamers to fight over when I need to mass rename. though yours is more user friendly I would say.

rawr. be very afraid
. Populate the AutoHotkey city. Pointless but somewhat fun. .

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AHK beats Delphi, once again! Great job, old chap! ;)

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Great work. There is one thing I missed compared to Total Commander file renaming though:
Fullscreen possibility, using my 1680x1050 resolution...

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Hi, majkinetor,
really great job, congratulations!
Seeing that wonderful piece of software, I don't dare publishing my own renamer tool anymore.
Allow me one suggestion:
What about a folder-choose-dialogue (plus file name filtering) to select
the file that are to be renamed?
Having "only" the drag and drop option it forces me to have a windows explorer (or something else) opened!
Would you please think about it?
Thanks again for sharing your work with us!

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Thankyou so very much. The interface is simple and clear and the script is fantastic! :D

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Awesome, trying it now and does Exactly what I need!