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New beta version with some small changes to test

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Update: v1.0.48.01 has been released, which includes all of the beta features below (and some others).

Although I've tested this release extensively, there are some changes that could use some real-world testing.

Could use more testing: On Vista or later, hotkeys that include the Windows key (e.g. #a) will wait for LWin and RWin to be released before the Send command will send any text that contains an "L" keystroke. This should prevent such a hotkey from locking the PC.

Could use more testing: Improved performance of A_Index in expressions by treating it as an integer rather than a string.

Improved ListLines with an option to turn line-logging Off or On. [thanks kenomby & ruespe]

There are some fixes too:[*:23bt48qj]Fixed A_LoopFileExt to be blank for any filename having no extension but a period in its pathname. [thanks Yek-Toho-Tua].
[*:23bt48qj]Fixed the assignment (:= and =) of integers that are 19 or 20 characters long to work as they did prior to v1.0.48. [thanks Laszlo & Lexikos]
[*:23bt48qj]Fixed function definitions to work properly inside a block. [thanks rmarko]If you wish, you can overwrite your AutoHotkey.exe with the following version:
AutoHotkey-pre- (239 KB)

Please let me know if you find any problems with A_Index or LWin/RWin hotkeys.

Edit: The file linked above has been changed. It fixes function definitions to work properly inside a block. [thanks rmarko]

Edit 4/13/2009: The file linked above has been changed to add the capability to turn ListLines Off or On.

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Thank you, sir.

Installed and running smoothly (so far);
Will report any issues if/as they arise.

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No matter how long I wait for the download to start, it just doesn't start.

Please, let other sites like MajorGeeks and BetaNews host a copy too.

The AHK server just ain't fast enough.

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Works fine for me, Guest...