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Clipboard Search & Replace v1.50

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I think this is a great program Tidbit! 

Quick questions from a gui novice:

  1. How would you add row numbers and line breaks (so that you can handle long lines of text and still see line breaks, i.e. the same way Notepad++ etc handles too long rows)? 

  2. How do you make the vpreviewbox change size as you modify the outer bounds of the GUI (when I maximize it, clipboard replace's window maximizes, but the vpreviewbox has the same size, rather than adjusting to the new size). 

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1) not really sure what you mean, do you mean wordwrap? if so,

change: Gui, Add, Edit, x6 y+5 w330 h310 +HScroll vpreviewbox,

to: Gui, Add, Edit, x6 y+5 w330 h310 +wrap +HScroll vpreviewbox,


anything fancier then that would not be possible with the built-in AHK commands.


2) 2 methods for this, currently this program uses Anchor(). but you can also use guicontrol, move. All the code for it is found in the GuiSize: label.



I also have a much newer (but still old) unreleased version that fixes a couple minor bugs and works with the newest AHK versions, might want to try using it instead:


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