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Global hotkeys for J.River Media Center

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I've been searching for this so long, I wrote this myself.
Global hotkeys for J.River Media Center http://www.jrmediace...m/download.html can be done by:
1) command line ie. mc13.exe /command play
executing command >6 times repeatedly causes MC to crash
like on wiki page, haven't tried
3)Send message
Method I used, quite reliable
4)Sending hotkeys to MC window
5)Remapping keys for media keys
6)Trough editing XML

;*** Num Off   
	;*** Rating Currently playing track
		NumpadDel & NumpadEnd::		mcmsg(10023,16777217)
		NumpadDel & NumpadDown::	mcmsg(10023,16777218)
		NumpadDel & NumpadPgDn::	mcmsg(10023,16777219)
		NumpadDel & NumpadLeft::	        mcmsg(10023,16777220)
		NumpadDel & NumpadClear::	mcmsg(10023,16777221)
	;*** Playback
		NumpadEnd::	mcmsg(10004,16777216,400) ;Previous
		NumpadDown::	mcmsg(10002,16777216,100) ;Stop
		NumpadPgDn::	mcmsg(10003,16777216,400) ;Next
		NumpadLeft::	mcmsg(10009,16777216,100) ;REW
		NumpadClear::   mcmsg(10000,16777216,100) ;Pause
		NumpadRight::	mcmsg(10008,16777216,100) ;FF
		NumpadUp::	mcmsg(10001,16777216,100) ;Play
		NumpadDel & NumpadAdd::	mcmsg(10018,16777224,100) ;VolumeUp 8
		NumpadDel & NumpadSub::	mcmsg(10019,16777224,100) ;VolumeDown 8

	WinGet, mjhwnd,id,ahk_class MJFrame
	If mjhwnd !=
		SendMessage, 33768, %wparam%,%lparam%,,ahk_id %mjhwnd%
		RegRead,MCPath,HKLM,SOFTWARE\J. River\Media Core\Installations\Media Center 13,Path
		Run, %MCPath%\Media Center 13.exe

	Sleep %stime% ; to slow things down