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Notify() - multiple easy tray area notifications - v0.4991

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Sorry! forgot to change the comma :D

Notify(Info2, Info1, 5, "Update=" . NotifyID)



But I'm still not able to make it work the way I want it to...

I'm trying to replace the tray tip with a Notify()-notification in my Spotify controller. But every time a new song starts, I switch song or play/pause a new notification pops up instead of updating the old one... :/

Any tips?

NotifyID := Notify("T", "", 0, "BT=105 BW=0 GC=BLACK GR=0 MC=WHITE MS=20 SI=5 TC=WHITE TS=20 SI=5")


If (play/pause/next-/previous track):

winGetTitle, temp, ahk_class SpotifyMainWindow
if (temp == "Spotify")
	Notify("Paused: "Info2, Info1, 5, "Update=" . NotifyID)
	Notify("Playing: "Info2, Info1, 5, "Update=" . NotifyID)

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sorry i haven't used or updated this in forever...


not sure what problem you're having, but this works for me:

NotifyID := Notify("Starting text...", "", 0, "BT=105 BW=0 GC=BLACK GR=0 MC=WHITE MS=20 SI=5 TC=WHITE TS=20 SI=5")

sleep, 3000

Info2 := "info2"

Notify("Paused: " Info2, Info1, 5, "Update=" . NotifyID)

sleep, 3000


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Gwarble, this tool is very awesome! It's great for having various popups but I'm now trying to just have a single NID which I can re-use over and over, even if it goes away for a while. I added the line to modify GNList after Gui, Destroy per guest3456's suggestion but it is still not pulling up. I can update the text while it's visible but once the timer expires and it goes away, it never comes back.


Here's a simplified version of what I'm trying to do (I use this updateNotify wrapper so my script will also use the same NID). The first 2 messages show up but then the duration of 2 expires, destroying it during that 5000 sleep and the 3rd one never shows up.

updateNotify("Message 1 (NID 50)")
Sleep, 1000 
updateNotify("Message 2 (Re-uses NID 50)")
Sleep, 5000 ;The message dismisses at this point 
updateNotify("Want to re-use NID 50 but this does not display")

	static nid
		Notify("", msg, "", "Update=" . nid)
		nid := Notify("Title", msg, 2, "Style=Info GW=300")

Any ideas?

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Great function, gwarble!


I understand that this topic is quite old, but I'd highly recommend updating the examples on your documentation page at http://www.gwarble.com/ahk/Notify/.

It's still showing the incorrect usage of the "Wait", NotifyID instead of "Wait=" NotifyID.


Also, I found that it's best to include an "if (NotifyID)" clause to the kill function "Notify("","",0,"Wait=" . NotifyID)". This will ensure anyone using multiple notification and kill calls won't get the phantom flashing dot when their script tries to kill a non-existent notification.


Just my two cents worth!


Thanks again for creating this robust tool,


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Good api, But If I call multiple notifications and then exit the app. but it is not properly exiting. How to handle that? is any existing script for that.(I tried waitdemo) it not worked properly.