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Wheel button emulation script

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@The Iron Savior and @yetanotherjosh  Thank you for the scripts!!! I ran the final version posted by @yetanotherjosh and now my Logitech Marble Trackball works perfect.  The scroll wheel emulation and middle button is just what I needed to have the trackball fill my needs.


Also, a note on this... I noticed that the Logitech driver software conflicted and overrode the AHK settings and when I disabled the Logitech software, the mouse speed and acceleration defaulted to Window's settings, which don't support cursor acceleration.  I found the workaround for this and wanted to share.  On the Logitech configuration, if you select the 2 small buttons (numbers 3 and 4) and have "Generic Button" assigned to them, then AHK picks them up perfectly and it works just as desired while keeping the cursor speed and acceleration as configured on that software.


Thanks again!!

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Hello all,


This script is what I was looking for, but

There is one feature that I really miss with this.


How can I configure the right small butoon to act as a "Back"

Could someone edit and post the script to work in this form!?

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Thank you all for your creative input. This is just what I needed.


Although, the code doesn't seem to work when browsing on Google Chrome. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? 



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This script seem like exactly what I'm looking for to get scroll functionality out of my logitech trackman marble.  Unfortunately, I'm unable to get it to function at all in my windows 7 environment.  I've pasted @yetanotherjosh's version of the script into AutoHotkey.ahk and reloaded but I get no functionality whether I set the trigger to XButton1 or XButton2.  I've followed rfmarves suggestion about setting buttons x1 and x2 to 'generic button' in setpoint, no dice.  Any suggestions?

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Can Someone add horizontal scrolling to the original script?

I would much appreciate it.


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I started writing my own script, but then found this.  Much appreciated guys - love your work.

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Much like a couple of other posters in this thread, the script does nothing for me.


From looking over the code, it looks like all I should have to do is hold down XButton1 / Mouse4 and move my pointer up or down, but doing that has no effect whatsoever.


I'm using a Logitech Trackman Marble and just installed the logitech smart flow add on if it makes a difference.  I can't seem to install setpoint at work, so I don't have that.


Should any of that matter?  Any idea why it wouldn't be working aside from that?  I'm on Windows7 64bit