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Windows 7 Taskbar Shift-click context menu

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Hi :)
I want to make shift+rightclick on taskbar the default rightclick menu... for speed purposes... I can close programs much faster this way... with the classic menu.. you just hit the letter C on the keyboard to close programs.. with the new menu you have to move the mouse cursor up and left click close.

Some of the following AHK script is useful I'm guessing..
+LButton::                      ;  Shift + LButton hotkey.
    MouseGetPos,,, win          ; Get window under mouse.
    ; If this window is the taskbar,  mode:="", otherwise mode:="{Blind}".
    mode :=  WinExist("ahk_class Shell_TrayWnd ahk_id " win) ? "" : "{Blind}"
     Send %mode%{LButton Down}   ; Click  down, filtering out Shift if mode="".
    KeyWait LButton              ; Wait for button to be  physically released.
    Send %mode%{LButton Up}     ; Click up.