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IronAHK (alpha): cross platform .NET rewrite of AutoHotkey

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Is this project still alive? There haven't been commits in over a month as far as I can see.

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Ich wollte mal fragen wieso fast kein link auf ironahk.net funktioniert.
ick würd nämlich eigentlich gerne ein programm mit ironAHK schreiben.
*can't live without AHK*

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@ fragman: last pull request was yesterday...
But not a lot of commits the last time, you're right. I REALLY HOPE this won't stop now :(
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Win7 HP SP1 64bit | AHK_L U 64bit

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Ich wollte mal fragen wieso fast kein link auf ironahk.net funktioniert.
ick würd nämlich eigentlich gerne ein programm mit ironAHK schreiben.

This is an English forum. ... He asks why nearly no link to ironAhk works. He would gladly write a script/program compatible with ironAhk.

Answer: I don`t know.

If you like, we have a German forum too: <!-- m -->http://de.autohotkey.com/forum<!-- m -->

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I've tried every variation I can think of using Run to execute a bash script using IronAHK in linux. How do I do this?

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I'm wondering if this great project is really dead...

I would have a kind request for those involved with the ironahk:

Could it be possible to have a working version that supports hotstrings in OSX? All download links seem to be down, and a version found elsewhere does not even start with MONO installed.

The only thing I would need is to run scrips like this:

:*:/007::James Bond{Tab}secret agent,licence to kill
:*:/008::Another Agent{Tab}not so secret agent,licence to kill

I have tried Typinator, Typeit4me and other hotkey apps, but compared to the autohotkey format, they feel very sluggish and complicated.

Thanks for listening!

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There was a commit from poly on 18th June, so I don't think it's dead. Sometimes the scripts that poly has running to update the sources doesn't run (or something similar), so maybe that's why the files aren't there.
My code is written for AHK Basic unless otherwise specified. This means it may not work in AHK_L (especially Unicode), due to a few known compatibility issues.

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Anyway for replacing AHK language with C# and other .NET?
Or something like classes for message hooks, keys, windows manipulation etc?

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The link in the homepage to the binaries gives a 404.

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The problem actually is, that the project lead - Poly - seems to be very busy. Without a leading direction it's very hard to work on interesting features - beside fixing some bugs.

A further reason why I currently stopped working on this is, I'm not quite fine in the way the current compiler works. I've discussed some problematic points and I think I've found a solution for most of the problems.

I startet from scratch writing an experimental Lexxer/ AST (CodeDOM) Parser, with two targets:

[*:1kpfy20e] Make the Lexxer independent from the AST Generator. Make it working asynchronous.
[*:1kpfy20e] Create better CodeDOM, with real Fields and real classes (Not the way like AHK and IA it currently do, which means produce a dictionary holding all Variables)
[*:1kpfy20e] Limited support for dynamic Variables
[*:1kpfy20e] Support Optional typing -> gain performance & better IDE Support
You may ask yourself about my first point - asynchronous Compiler, why?
The 3th point why I don't have time for IA is - I started writing an IDE some months ago (seems like we have a lot of people writing IDE's those days :lol:) , and a good IDE needs a fast, efficient Tokenizer/Parser which can work in the background.
I've made very good progress last weeks, and released already an Alpha Version. As soon as it reaches the Beta Milestone I'll announce it here in the forum.

So stay tuned, there will be more stuff soon. IA - or a very similary fork of it - will stay alive.

TheGreatSwami Woo
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Glad to hear it IsNull, We now have AHK basic AHK_L and AHK2 (so 3 versions that work on PC) so a version for Linux and Mac should be a priority I would think.

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Thanks for the update IsNull. It's good to know that this project isn't dead.
Thanks also to polyethene for the work he put in with IronAHK.
I wish I had more ability and more time with which to lend a hand.
The sooner you fall behind, the more time you have to catch up.

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Tried to download - 404 error?

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Hey! I was testing my script on IronAHK, and it gave me the error that the array was out of bounds. Do you need to do anything to port the script to IronAHK?

I was running my othello game which you can find atthis forum page.

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I actually left Ubuntu over lack of AHK support. Every so often I check back on things to see if that support has been adopted. Looks like the answer is "not yet, but getting there."

Just messaging to offer my support and thanks :)