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IronAHK (alpha): cross platform .NET rewrite of AutoHotkey

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btw, it's summer now :). Are you going to continue to develop this project, polyethene ?

No summer in England this year sadly.

Seriously, I would love to get back into this project but I quite literally can't find an hour to spare these days.

Bring back... That lovin feeling. Keep up the good work. Just remember there are people depending on you!

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i love to photography rain. need more of 'em in Germany, Berlin.

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I was doing some tests of IronAHK and mono on mac osx lion, the following code generates a message on the terminal window saying that the feature is not implemented yet:

winGetTitle, Title, ahk_id %WinId%
msgbox %mouse_X% %mouse_Y% %Title%

It's just me or that's still work in progress ?

Best regards,

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Just in case it's useful, here's another potential user eager to start using it. I have a more primitive inquiry, though: should installing require just a conventional sequence of "make" and then "make install"? Should I do either or both as root?

Edit: Okay, I issued "make" as normal user and "make install" as root. I'm tunneling in via ssh so I can't test it, but I anticipate this works even despite the 192 compile warnings.

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do you think any other people here can continue ironahk project?

Probably could be great a new impulse in ironahk to get the attention of great linux developers.

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do you think any other people here can continue ironahk project?

Probably could be great a new impulse in ironahk to get the attention of great linux developers.

IronAHK is open source, you can view the source and contribute here.

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I downloaded the code and compiled the project using monodevelop (OS X). Then I installed IronAHK using setup.sh

If I run the Example.ahk I get the Hello World prompt.

However if I try to create a new file with simple replacement strings

::em::[email protected]

The hotstrings are not recognized when typed. Any advice?

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The download links are broken.

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The download links are broken.


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I just found this IronAHK on my search for an equivalent for AHK for Mac OS 10.6 but I think that this project is dead since long.

No need to view into this, then :(

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I registered on this forum just so I could tell you that the only reason I don't use AutoHotKey is because it's not cross-platform. It feels like a waste of effort to write code that's tied to only one platform. Then, I  found IronAHK. Then, I found out that it is not being actively developed anymore. As far as I'm concerned, IronAHK is the most important thing AutoHotKey developers could be working on.

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Besides lack of time, I think there is one thing which caused the IronAHK project to get frozen.

AHK in its very nature is focusing on Windows, and not everything is easily ported nor do all Commands and Function really make sense on other OSs. Especially the different  Desktop environments for the X Window System on Linux are pretty nasty to support. This affects the window manipulation and also the keyboard hooks.

Some things are just not possible, or just with deep native inter ops.


Frankly, the project requires some very fundamental research for the very AHK core features. All the advanced "programming" stuff is not as problematic.

To solve this problem, deep knowledge of all targeted operating systems is required to get a solid abstraction layer for IA. However, there are some limitations which probably never can be handled.

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I think this thread should be removed from the list of alternative AHK versions - since it hardly works it's hardly an alternative and the project is dead.
It was too ambitious - the MAC os's have many choices of automation apps they dont need another - It should have been focused on just getting a version for linux as there is nothing close to ahk on linux.
Any convenient language should have been used - no need to choose something that would work on all platforms
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it would be great if Lexikos or funcs would dive into this, however RunRev LiveCode consist from half-a-million lines of code to allow cross-platform development.


Maybe it's time to start a Kickstarter project, like runrev did:





Next Generation Cross-platform AutoHotkey

goal $100,000

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