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i think using UPX will be an option more than an obligation...

HD can contain gigaoctect of data and i prefer create for distribution
or private storage a smaller zipped file instead of any UPX/PKLITE/DIET files ;)

IMHO of course ;)

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I'll add it to the list, but it might be a while. In the meantime, you can decompress them yourself (you probably already know how to do this): upx -d "MyScript.exe"

Btw, I was a little reluctant to use UPX on the main EXE. But after thinking about it, it seemed to me that the CPU time spent decompressing a file is probably a lot less than the extra disk time that would be needed to read a file twice as large. In other words, I think AHK and compiled scripts will launch faster due to UPX whenever their EXE files aren't already cached by the OS.