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Crimson Editor - AHK Syntax Highlighting

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look at this:

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look at this:

Thanks for the link. I didn't see a link to a list of all the keyboard shortcuts for Crimson there though. It's like pulling teeth to find something as simple as that for Crimson.


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It is obvious that you chose Notepad++ from your postings, but Crimson/Emerald Editor is still an excellent choice, even if it is hardly maintained at the moment.

If there is no list of keyboard shortcuts available, maybe you could create one yourself, you might even be able to use AutoHotkey to automate that.

It's the community effort thing...


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I just stumbled upon this older post as I'm new to AHK but also use Crimson Editor (personally I don't care if it isn't actively updated. It already does everything I need, so I don't need any updates!)

The sources for autohotkey.spc and autohotkey.key in Z Gecko's post are great, but you need one more file so that Crimson Editor automatically uses this syntax when you edit an AHK file.

After creating and placing Z Gecko's files in your Crimson Editor\spec folder, create and place the following file in the Crimson Editor\link folder:


Now the AHK syntax should be used automatically when you load any file with an .ahk extension.

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These files really need to be added to the SVN repository! Don't forget Fishizzle's extention.ahk! :oops:

AutoHotKey deservers it :shock:

Thank you 8)