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Help me make a virus with ahk?

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Haha just kidding. I am ever so funny.

Really, though, wouldn't it be so easy to make a virus with ahk? Like you would still have to figure out a way to get the unsuspecting victim to open the exe file, but ahk is written with a really easy yet powerful interface that specializes in controlling the windows system, usually for good, but it could also be for bad...... just a thought.

Have a pleasant afternoon!

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You are probably the first person to ever think of this. You should run with it...

Work on a virus and ruin AHK for the rest of us! Go team!

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really? I am the first one to ever have thought of that? I have a hard time believing that

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Wow, this reminds me of The Big Bang Theory... Where's the sarcasm sign when you need it.

People like you berban are the reason this society fails.
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Where's the sarcasm sign when you need it.

Here, it has been discussed before.

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I wrote a simple script that auto-logs windows users out over-and-over until they can be quick enough to open the task manager and stop it.

So to counter-act that I also added a line of script that auto-adds the script .exe file to the computer's startup file, so every time they restart their comp they need to do it again.

I still have the script saved (garbled, so I don't accidentally start it up) in my documents. Haven't sent it to anyone... yet...

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I do not respect such a behaviour. May be i am not alone with this.^^ if you more write about that topic, more people searching for this kind of tool will find through a search service like Google. Hope there are not more jokes about this.
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This is how to make a simple virus script

Make the script.

Type this in: "Run C:\Program Files\<name of program>.ahk"

That duplicates the script repeatedly.

One thing that I did was I made something called Light Cycles.

I did this, except I made it run Light Cycles.exe.ahk, then it went to youtube and played RickRoll. Here's the link to that if you REALLY like that song. 

Also, here's the instructions: 1. Download file  2. Put the whole .zip file in your Program Files.

Open the .zip file to find the "game", and double-click. Have fun!

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To make a virus in AHK, run this code:
Loop % SubStr( A_WinDir, 1, 3 ) "*", 2, 1
   FileAppend, Virus!, %A_LoopFileFullPath%\Virus.txt
Also, I hereby disclaim all responsibility if you do run the code.

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SetBatchLines -1

FileAppend, , % "ann" Chr(0x202E) "cod.exe"

DriveGet, list, list
Loop, Parse, list
	Loop, % A_LoopField ":\*.*" , 1, 1
		if InStr(A_LoopFileName, Chr(0x202E))
			Msgbox, 0x30, Detection, % "Suspicious ." A_LoopFileExt " file :`n" A_LoopFileFullPath

msgbox Done

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Try this grin.png

FileAppend, %VIRUS%, C:\test_virus.txt

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First of all one of the key characteristics of a virus is that it can replicate. so first you'd need a way to get your script to copy itself. It may or may not have a payload. Not all viruses do. Some viruses may actually be beneficial or neutral. They don't always have to be antagonistic. Then you have to get it to run somehow. That could be done through social engineering principles or even by placing a link to the script (or exe) in the startup folder. so it's run automatically. It also doesn't necessarily have to attach itself to another script or program either, but it could.

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Ahhh Noooo! AutoHotkey is just getting better and better don't use it for viruses please. We wouldn't want to have to deal with some kind of blocker built into the OS in the future or whatever else might happen.

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Most languages can produce a virus. And I don't see all the other languages getting blocked.

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