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DAMN NFO Viewer - View .nfo files without extra fonts [GUI]

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As of Damn NFO Viewer, its great portable tool and most importantly, it registers itself to handle nfo files on each start up.

Really important... At least if you have to handle a lot of warez :roll:

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Nothing wrong with that. 8)

Always consider that not everybody is born in Switzerland and that software costs the same no matter your region. To some folks, buying software is equal to "not enough food on the table".

Anyway, all software should be free for private use.
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Version: 1.12, Size: 8 KB, Freeware.

The smallest application of its kind, completely self-contained and portable, written in assembly and does its job beautifully.


Just drag and drop any .DIZ or .NFO file onto it to see the impressive display.

Tip: Rename it to dizzy1.exe, that is, suffix the filename with 1 for a negative view (white text over black background instead of the default black over white).